CFAS Annual Meeting



After more than a quarter century of membership in CFAS, it is my honour and privilege to be President of the CFAS for 2009–2010, and it gives me great pleasure to invite all CFAS members, along with our valued (indeed, invaluable) Industry colleagues, to Vancouver for our 56th Annual Meeting.  Our conference will be held at the classic Fairmont (ex-CP Rail) Hotel Vancouver in the heart of Vancouver, from Wednesday 29th September to Saturday 2nd October 2010 – a little earlier than usual in respect of the infamous wet, windy and often foggy weather that often befalls our wonderful city in November!  By selecting these dates, we expect (or can at least hope for) clement weather that will showcase our wonderful, totally-West-Coast city, and all it has to offer as a convention venue and a place to live.

At the time of writing this invitation, Vancouver has again been rated the “World’s Most Livable City” by The Economist.  The Vancouver area is also ranked among North America’s top biotech locations, and the University of British Columbia has established a world-rated profile in health research.  Our Annual Meeting programme will include some of these local leading figures, alongside a carefully selected group of international speakers who reflect the varied interests of the CFAS membership, and in response to requests as expressed in our needs assessment surveys.

The theme for our 2010 meeting is Physiology: The Circle of Life, reflecting the fundamental importance of physiology in determining normal development, in living a healthy life, in understanding and diagnosing disease or disability, and in developing effective therapies.  Physiology is also at the heart of our wonderful, multi-disciplinary Society (we now have 11 Special Interest Groups!), and of core importance to clinicians, clinical and basic scientists, nurses, counsellors and all the other associated paramedical professionals who work together so fruitfully in the field of reproductive biomedicine.

Having been a reproductive biologist for nearly four decades, it is a personal goal to bring sound, interesting science to all delegates – but not at the expense of exciting presentations:  it is essential to fascinate and educate everyone, and to help each participant understand just a little more of what is important to their colleagues.  Social interaction is also a vital part of any successful society meeting, and our plans for Vancouver 2010 include numerous opportunities for this: never underestimate the importance of networking – or a good party!

As Ed Hughes said of the Halifax 2007 meeting, the CFAS Annual Meeting provides us with a unique opportunity to meet, share ideas and have some fun.  But also of great importance is that it is our joint annual opportunity to work together to continue building a stronger and more vital CFAS.   Please join your friends and colleagues – as well as friends and colleagues that you’ve not yet met – in Vancouver and help make this happen!

Warmest regards,

David Mortimer, PhD
CFAS President