I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean

Dear ART Lab SIG members,

Please be advised of the following updates to ongoing ART Lab SIG projects, as we continue to “adjust our sails” ~

Update on Salary Surveys:

Your SIG  Executive brought to the attention of the Board of Directors of the CFAS, a request to support a salary survey for its members. Unfortunately, the CFAS feels that it is not in a position to endorse, support, or facilitate such a survey. Salary information is owned by the medical directors and would normally be considered confidential and proprietary information.  The CFAS Board of Directors would only consider supporting such a survey, if asked to do so by the medical directors and if the medical directors contributed to the cost.   Compensation surveys are normally outsourced to firms that specialize in compensation practices and that know the intricacies of designing an effective and valid survey.  CFAS  sincerely regrets that they are unable to assist in this imitative, and will share this request and the response with the medical directors.

Update on the Certification:

Earlier this year, we advised members that the CFAS along with the ART Lab SIG were in discussions with a company to develop a Canadian specific certification exam for embryology and andrology. We are happy to report that the CFAS Board of Directors formalized the allocation of funds to support the exam development. The Committee overseeing exam development will review two proposals in early July and select the option that is most suitable for the Canadian context.   Having committed financial resources to the exam development, members can be assured that the CFAS and its Board are fully behind this project.  We will continue to update you on this initiative.

Update on Logbook Documents:

The logbooks have been completed and are ready to use!  You will notice that they are in a convenient fill-able PDF format, that may either be completed online or printed off for completion and submission at a later date.  They can also be submitted directly to the CFAS office – please be sure to include YOUR NAME in the subject line of the email. The CFAS office will confirm by email that they have received your submission.

Click here for the Logbook

Please also note that at this point in time, only the Technical Competency Module application is available.  Until further notice, please disregard the application for the Academic Competency Module.

In summary, please complete:

  1. a) the remainder of Appendix I and
  2. b) either the Andrology Module only or the Full Module
  3. c) the Case Report

On behalf of the ART Lab SIG executive, thank you again for your patience and understanding, and as always your continued support of the ART Lab SIG.  Happy summer!!

Lynda Hughes