CFAS Annual Meeting

Business & Leadership Conference

50 Shades of Grey Matter

Network with other healthcare administrators and professionals and learn first hand about some of the practical challenges, opportunities, and strategies available to healthcare leaders as they strive to build cohesive, efficient, patient-centred organizations.


Giant Steps
Paula Van Nostrand, RN, DS Hom

How We Improve Patient Partnerships
Sholom Glouberman, PhD, Baycrest

Integrating Alternative Health Services in Your Practice
Jennifer Fitzgerald, ND, Conceive Health

Panel Discussion: How we can collaborate our collective disciplines, experience and visions for future solutions
Deborah Myers, M.Mgt, Director of Operations TRIO Fertility

What Motivates Us to Work
Yaakov Bentov, MD, REI, TRIO Fertilty

Cy and Ruby’s Act – How new Ontario parentage legislation will affect your ART patients
Shirley Levitan, BSc, LLB, Family and Fertility Law, Toronto

The Multiple Benets of Using a Balanced Scorecard
Mark Evans, MBA, Executive Director for the CFAS

Person-Centred Care: From philosophy to implementation – the Cancer Care Ontario experience
Lesley Moody, MBA, Director, Person-Centred Care, Cancer Care Ontario

Optimizing Reproductive Aging and Fertility Outcomes
Jennifer Pearlman, MD, Ageless Vitality – PearlMD Rejuvenation