Media Releases

Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society provides practitioners with clear guidelines for embryo transfer (June 2013, pdf)

Professionals in fertility medicine debate ethical issues at recent Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society event (May 2013, pdf)

CFAS Explores the Latest in Science, Ethics, Law at Annual Meeting (Aug. 2012, pdf)

CFAS comments on SOGC Guidelines on Advanced Reproductive Age (2011, pdf)

New Health Guidelines – Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome  (2011, pdf)

The First 6 Months in IVF Funding / Les premiers 6 mois du programme du FIV (2011)

Media conference on the first 3 months of Quebec ART Program / French version (2010, audiovisual)

Read more / En savoir plus (pdf)

Position Statement on Publicly – Funded IVF Treatment in Canada (2010, pdf)

eSet Guidelines news release (2010, pdf)