Nurses SIG – Minutes

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NSIG Teleconference June 26, 2017, 7:30pm EST

Start: 7:33pm EST

Attendees: Danielle D, Alisha, Bonnie, Nicole, Laura, Eileen

Absent: Danielle H


  1. Approval of last meeting minutes.
  2. Addition from committee any agenda items
  3. Review the report submitted by Chair to the board
  4. Discuss strategies to encourage NSIG members to vote for board elections and nominate for the nursing care award.
  5. Review feedback from regional event
  6. Document topics and potential speakers to try and put together a proposal for the NSIG event in 2018.
  7. Check in with Danielle re: Vancouver regional meeting
  8. Update re: next webinar
  9. Update on Nurse Education Program
  10. Action item summary and closing remarks

Meeting Minutes:

  1. Approval of last meeting minutes.
    • Continue to post on drive, but we will approve the minutes at the teleconference
    • Minutes approved for April, Nicole to send minutes to Natalia
    • May minutes to be reviewed, next teleconference – to approve May and June minutes
  1. Addition from committee any agenda items
    • Eileen will be running for Board position
  1. Review the report submitted by Chair to the board
    • Danielle D submitted report with our accomplishments and that we are an active SIG, education program, webinar for Procedural Sedation
      • How many people registered for webinar? Danielle D to reach out to Natalia for numbers
    • Priorities in 2018: Regional meeting in Vancouver, webinar offering in November (psychosocial topic)
    • Continued teleconferences, NSIG ART day budget (2 hour session)
    • Has not heard back from the Board yet on the report
    • Reimbursements: Bonnie is still awaiting reimbursement for education day needs to resubmit documentation
    • Other: Issue certificates for education programs
  1. Discuss strategies to encourage NSIG members to vote for board elections and nominate for the nursing care award.
  • Nominate Joan Auckland for award
    • Alisha will reach out to Randy for CV/Bio for ABCs of ART (Clinical Practice)
      • Randy will send CV tomorrow
    • Eileen will complete the nomination prior to June 30
  • CFAS is accepting nominations until July 14
  • We will do a big push for NSIG members to vote for Eileen, make nursing community aware
  • Use symposium email list and go through Natalia
  • Facebook Private Group for Fertility Nurses with links to CFAS
    • ?CFAS Board Permission
  1. Review feedback from regional event
  • Lots of RPN, RN members/attendees
  • Survey shows no one really knows about CFAS and NSIG
  • Good reviews on speakers, lots of written comments (very helpful)
  1. Document topics and potential speakers to try and put together a proposal for the NSIG event in 2018.
  • Breaking bad news
  • LGBTQ, gender specific education
  • Nursing Research: How to bring an idea to life
  • Use topics from the fluid survey, and find a local speaker
    • Group to review the topic list for Nursing Education Day prior to CFAS
    • Email Danielle D with topics and potential speakers
    • We may not have many attendees from Vancouver
  1. Check in with Danielle re: Vancouver regional meeting
  • Danielle H unable to make the call due to family matter
  1. Update re: next webinar
  • Confirm speaker for psychosocial in November (Dara Ross)
    • No honorarium for CFAS members
    • Will she still do the talk, Danielle will reach out to Dara and advise no honorarium,
    • Eileen advised that we could approach Jan Silverman, if Dara declines and be transparent about no honorarium being offered for this talk
  1. Update on Nurse Education Program
  • Eileen: Collaborated with ASRM, Nurses Professional Group, Leadership Group, NPG members for competency development
  • Working on creating National guidelines – no one has developed standardized ones
  • Not punitive guidelines, ways to grow professionally
  • Mark, Danielle, Eileen are the subgroup working on this, with a bigger group in Canada to work on the guidelines > teleconference in July with ASRM group.
  • Mark approximates 2 years project
  • Lots of research involved
  • Reach out to CAN as they have guidelines to develop competencies
  1. Action item summary and closing remarks
  • Everyone to read May minutes
  • Nicole to post minutes from today for group to review – mid to late week
  • Nicole to submit April minutes to Natalia to post on CFAS website
  • Danielle D to reach out to Natalia for Procedural sedation registration numbers
  • Next teleconference: August 14 at 7:30 pm EST

Meeting adjourned: 8:35pm EST

NSIG Teleconference May 8, 2017, 7:30pm EST
Start: 7:35pm EST
Attendees: Danielle D, Alisha, Nicole, Eileen, Danielle H, Laura, Bonnie


  1. Minutes approved from April 27th (circulated by Nicole) – saved to shared drive?
  2. Approval of everyone’s pic and bio online?
  3. Final approval for NSIG mandate:
  4. Verbally review standard CFAS NSIG terms of reference (ie: terms for each of our positions).
  5. Brief report due on May 31st for CFAS Board Meeting. Quickly review content.
  6. Confirm next webinar – date and topic.
  7. Danielle H Vancouver NSIG Regional Meeting Update
  8. Moving forward with Montreal 2018 NSIG meeting attached to CFAS Annual Meeting.
  9. Schedule Next Teleconference

Meeting Minutes:

1. Minutes approved from April 27th (circulated by Nicole) – saved to shared drive?

  • Everyone will look on the shared drive, then track changes
  • Names at bottom to make sure that everyone has read it
  • Then Nicole to submit

2. Approval of everyone’s pic and bio online?

  • Everyone approved picture and bio on CFAS website
  • Danielle H to send photo to Natalia
  • Danielle D advised that the following require updating:
    • Mandate
    • Blurb before our bios
      • Like that it states when NSIG was established
    • Natalia can update # of members in NSIG

3. Final approval for NSIG mandate:

The overall mandate of the CFAS Nursing Special Interest Group (NSIG) is to promote and foster the vision, mission and values of the CFAS within the practice of Canadian Fertility Nursing as well as ensuring the Fertility Nurse is actively represented within the CFAS’s actions. The NSIG’s objectives are to: encourage fertility nurses across Canada to engage within CFAS; offer and promote ongoing professional development opportunities; provide a forum for networking, support, collaboration and exchange of information directly related to nursing within Canadian fertility centres; and help ensure consistency in the delivery of high quality patient care.

Group reviews mandate and suggest changes:

  • Remove “directly”
  • Punctuation changes (Danielle D to change)
  • The group is committing to statement with some small amendments
  • Danielle D to send to Natalia to post on CFAS website

3. Verbally review standard CFAS NSIG terms of reference (ie: terms for each of our positions).

  • Executive agreed that we will keep Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary/Treasurer titles
  • Executive agreed that for the remainder of the members will be called Executive Member and not subcommittees chair titles
  • Danielle D reviewed the Terms of reference so that the group is on the same page
    • We have to be in good standing and pay our dues
    • Executive roles are every 3 years
      • Voted back in, only twice (consecutive), give up the spot after that
      • Executive Committee members, we can make them 2 or 3 years
      • We have to be majority of committee 2/3 to pass a motion
      • Election, we have to put in a call for nomination or self nomination
      • Entire SIG to vote if there is more than one candidate
      • We can fill ourselves as the executive
    • SIG is liaison between CFAS and board
      • NSIG provides an Annual report to executive director
      • NSIG provides a Quarterly report to board
  • Co-chair vs. Vice Chair: Assumes responsibility in Chairs absence
    • We will use the term “Co-Chair”
  • Does co-chair take chair role after chair steps down
    • Not in terms of reference
    • Danielle D to confirm with Mark as not clear
  • Executive committee member terms – confirm 2 or 3 year term
    • Ideally 3 years
    • We do not want all of us vacating our spots for the sake of SIG
    • Danielle D will circulate what membership looks in order determine group decision on terms for executive members, 2 vs. 3 years

4. Brief report due on May 31st for CFAS Board Meeting. Quickly review content.

  • There will be an In person Board Meeting on June 7 & 8, Eileen is attending
  • Danielle D will circulate to executive prior to submitting it to the board
    • The report will be updated to reflect what we have completed and what we would like to accomplish
    • To do: webinar, regional meeting on West Coast, Nurse Education Day for 2018 CFAS, provide feedback on how Nurses Regional Meeting went

5. Confirm next webinar – date and topic.

  • NSIG commits to Spring and Fall webinar offerings
  • In May, we have a webinar coming up on Procedural Sedation
  • At last meeting, the executive agreed on a November webinar offering – topic: When to stop treatment (futility)
    • The executive discussed potential speakers for the topic:
      • Jan Silverman, Social worker, 30+ years, or she could suggest a speaker (Eileen’s suggestion)
      • Gara Ross, Counsellor (Laura’s suggestions, will reach out)
      • Maybe a speaker that talks about something that helps with implantation? – buy in for treatment
  • Executive agrees that psychosocial is the best route for webinar, would interest more nurses due to counselling aspect
    • Laura to reach out to potential speaker

6. Danielle H Vancouver NSIG Regional Meeting Update

  • CFAS would like to offer members from the West and local speakers mimic Toronto’s Regional Meeting with some changes in content that does not apply to BC (i.e. Wait listing)
  • Danielle H started to speak with Mark about the potential meeting
  • Currently looking at 2018 days – March 2 or March 10 (Fridays)
  • Looking at what days are conducive to highest nursing attendance
  • Venues, Natalia has a list – Chang Centre is a contender as it is central
  • Attendance projection: less than 30 attendance
    • Fewer clinics on the West Coast
      • PCRM, Olive, Kelowna, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, potentially Saskatchewan
    • Offer as a half day conference, not a full day
    • Open registration to non-CFAS members to increase attendance
    • Currently in preliminary stages

7. Moving forward with Montreal 2018 NSIG meeting attached to CFAS Annual Meeting.

  • Are we (the Executive Committee) attending CFAS in Montreal?
  • Ontario & Montreal members, need to start considering speakers & ideas for Nursing Education Day
  • Danielle D will re-circulate the agenda, for nursing content as there have been some changes.

8. Ad hoc items – from last in-person Executive Meeting

  • RNAO Membership
    • A preset amount of members are required in order to get a cheaper rate for membership – discussion about sustainability of numbers due to turn over in clinics.
    • Private clinics require their nurses to have this membership for PLP coverage (both RN and RPN).
    • What is our priority right now?
    • Concern: This is only Ontario based while CFAS is working on a national forum.
    • Discussion, decided to revisit when we have strengthened our CFAS membership
  • Nursing Standards
    • Next meeting

9. Schedule Next Teleconference

  • Next: Monday June 26, 7:30pm EST
  • Plan: Hold one in the summer, holding two more teleconferences total before CFAS Vancouver.

10. Action items:

  • Danielle D email Mark about co-chair, circulate to terms, submit mandate to Natalia, report to group before May 31
  • Laura to touch base about speaker for webinar via email
  • Everyone to read meeting minutes and sign at bottom to confirm they have been read.

Meeting adjourned: 8:37pm EST

NSIG Executive In-Person Meeting

Scheduled: April 27, 2017, 10am to 5pm EST

Location: Mount Sinai Hospital – Executive Board Room

Start: 10:20am, End: 5:15pm

Attendees: Danielle D, Eileen, Bonnie, Alisha, Laura, Nicole

Absent: Danielle H. (Joined meeting via teleconference at 2:47pm EST)


1. Welcome – Re-acquaint ourselves with each other’s clinics and NSIG roles

2. Approval of March 31, 2017 Minutes. Review NSIG Meeting Minutes currently available on CFAS website, validate everything is current.

3. Review agenda and plan for the day. Add any ad hoc items.

4. Review CFAS Mission, Vision and Values to guide our NSIG committee work.

5. Update from Eileen on Fertility Nurse Education Project, collaboration with ASRM, expectations of committee’s support.

6. Review and update NSIG Terms of Reference, including role descriptions for each NSIG Executive member and the length of their term on the committee.  Review current content of NSIG description on CFAS Website.

7. Confirm next webinar education event for fertility nurses, and determine speaker.

8. Review past budget, current and future. Determine the next 6 month’s budget requirements.

9. Develop an outline for a Nurse Education Day to be attached to the Montreal 2018 CFAS Annual Meeting. Anticipate budget, attendance, topics, speakers and assign proposal development to committee member to be submitted to the CFAS board. (Eileen – Dr. Angie Beltson from MidWest Symposium advice?) See CFAS Application for New Education Event Form.

10. Discuss content for NSIG Business meeting at 2017 CFAS Annual Meeting ART Day.

11. Review current NSIG Standards. Discuss relevance, prioritize for updates, assign responsibilities, strategize to determine committee members, set due dates, submit proposal to CFAS for approval (Form).

12. Discuss possibility of developing an RNAO Fertility Nursing Interest Group (Nicole)

13. Final Summary of our meeting, detail deliverables and assigned individuals.

14. Review NSIG Regional Summit plan for next day. Confirm all details. Assign roles and speaker introductions.

1.Welcome – Re-acquaint ourselves with each other’s clinics and NSIG roles

Round table discussion, when did we join CFAS?

  • Alisha, Oct 2015 – heard through clinic
  • Bonnie, when she first joined her clinic – MD registers all clinic membership
  • Laura, 2015 – after joining LQ in 2014 –did not know about CFAS until conference. More prevalence
  • Nicole, joined in 2011 – did not check, knew through boss
  • Eileen heard about NSIG through Cathy Dwyer who was active in NSIG, 2011-2012.
  • Danielle D, 2006 went to first CFAS when worked in Edmonton as sponsored by drug companies. Did not understand value of CFAS, but other than bringing people together. Drug companies made it very social for networking. Since Mark has taken it over where building CFAS to structure it better. 2005 NSIG was most active building standards.

2. Approval of March 31, 2017 Minutes. Review NSIG Meeting Minutes currently available on CFAS website, validate everything is current.

  • Minutes approved by group. Nicole to submit to Natalia – March 13, 2017
  • Meeting minutes on CFAS website are up to date
  • Meeting minutes to be shared on google drive to edit the same document.

3. Review agenda and plan for the day. Add any ad hoc items.

  • No ad hoc items

4. Review CFAS Mission, Vision and Values to guide our NSIG committee work.

  • Executive reviewed CFAS Mission, Vision Values
  • CFAS have to think about it as a non-profit. There are paid positions. There is a board that keeps in going. Board is comprised of Mark and Natalia.
  • Board is mostly doctors. Eileen is advisor to the board. Election every year, members vote members in.
  • When we build something as a subcommittee, the board is the one the makes the ultimate decision for approval.
  • NSIG has to align with CFAS strategic plan
  • CFAS Membership:
    • Mark will be working on strategic planning for membership, focusing on clinic membership. Membership spikes around time of conference to get discount.
    • NSIG Feedback: Welcome email from Natalia would be nice
    • How many members to we have? Specifically nurses
      • How can we affiliate ourselves with a SIG – login to profile

5. Update from Eileen on Fertility Nurse Education Project, collaboration with ASRM, expectations of committee’s support.

Eileen updated the Execute on Nursing Fertility Education Project

  • There was an in-person meeting in October in Ottawa and a conference call in January 20 (Eileen, mark, Danielle D)
  • Talked about existing training programs
    • EMD
    • Merck
    • ASRM
  • No program is all encompassing and not all content is relevant to Canadian practice
  • The education project is not a training program, but an opportunity to create a national standard in the form of competencies
  • Mark: Service standards that nurses should uphold to (set expectations)
  • Shared folder
  • Competencies, Service Standards, Orientation
  • Partner with ASRM, to provide resource
    • Collaborative agreement with roles
    • Mark sent out info to board
    • Will help with competencies as a resource
  • Three (3) main liaisons with ASRM and they will bring it back to the committee
    • Assigned task force, 5 from ASRM + 3 from CFAS

6. Review and update NSIG Terms of Reference, including role descriptions for each NSIG Executive member and the length of their term on the committee. Review current content of NSIG description on CFAS Website.

Nurses SIG

  • Going through executive positions on CFAS website
  • Restructure positions? Proper titles
  • Executive positions;
    • Chair: on scientific committee (for next CFAS), facilitator, reports, agenda, main communicator/voice of executive?
    • Co-chair
    • Split secretary/treasurer role (?usually two separate roles)
    • Standards? (sub-committee/project)
      • Removing standards chair it becomes all of our responsibilities to work on these. We need to document proposal form for every standard we want to revise.
    • Education (sub-committee/project)
    • Membership/Communications?
  • All members of executive are meant to contribute equally/Executive Committee members (general) for rest of members on executive
  • Does CFAS have a standard for member positions? (core)
    • We will wait to discuss with Natalia to discuss terms of reference.
    • Terms of reference are supposed to be the same across all SIGs
  • We need a mandate. Why do we exist? We need to mutually agree on standard chair positions and the rest of the members would be executive committee members.
  1. Confirm next webinar education event for fertility nurses, and determine speaker.

The group agreed that the most appropriate time to offer another education event (webinar) would be Early November.

  • Potential topic, Psychosocial: failed IVF cycles (supporting patients)
  • Potential Speakers:
    • Cathy (via Eileen)
    • Brenda (via Danielle D)
  • Group to keep thinking about this as an ongoing project to re-visit at next meeting
  • We will need to complete a form for the educational new educational event if not submitted in January 2017 proposal.
  1. Review past budget, current and future. Determine the next 6 month’s budget requirements.
  • General $5k budget per SIG, operating budget for small projects
  • If we want to plan something bigger, we would have to complete another form, where CFAS has to look for sponsorship.
  • EMD Serono provides CFAS money for educational purposes where there is some allotment to Nursing.
    • We have a lot of drug company support because of overall nursing role in patient care.
  • 2016 Budget: we used our money well.
  • Two special projects from CFAS affiliated with the nurses but not necessarily our committee.
  • Education is a separate entity – ongoing $25k budget, support fertility nursing across Canada
  • Nursing summit is separate budget.
  • Request to present an educational event through the CFAS, form reviewed. Form needs to be filled in order to approve speaker and budget if not included on the report. We did not fill out a form for the Procedural Sedation Webinar as it was included on the report to the board submitted in January 2017.
  • We will make the budget available to Executive on google shared drive, so members can add
  • Reviewing budget to decide to whether or not to break up the position as secretary/treasurer role.
  1. Develop an outline for a Nurse Education Day to be attached to the Montreal 2018 CFAS Annual Meeting. Anticipate budget, attendance, topics, speakers and assign proposal development to committee member to be submitted to the CFAS board. (Eileen – Dr. Angie Beltson from MidWest Symposium advice?) See CFAS Application for New Education Event Form.
  • We will require clarification as to when the fill the educational event form. (all or special?)
    • Form is straightforward – reviewing the one completed for Nursing Summit.
  • We want to gear education towards nurses
    • Survey was a great tool for our educational event to fill out form
    • We can survey people tomorrow about interest for pre-conference event for 2018
      • We don’t want to overwhelm the members with too many surveys
    • Any speakers that are invited, they should be directed to Mark/Natalia re: honorarium for non-CFAS members. CFAS members do not get honorarium.
      • Is there a standard honorarium amount?
    • It is our intention that the 2018 education day attached to CFAS is similar to MRS
    • Topics that were not addressed in the survey at regional meeting, could be pre-conference topics.
    • Anticipated attendance?
      • 73 attendees for tomorrow’s event.
    • We are need to move forward
      • Bonnie to connect with venue for AV cost, room, conference cost.
    • Go to fluid survey and take a topic and come up with speakers.
      • Make sure they are Canadian. ?International speakers?
  1. Discuss content for NSIG Business meeting at 2017 CFAS Annual Meeting ART Day.

Topics to discuss during NSIG Business meeting:

  • Advise members what we are working on, providing updates to projects
  • Provide results of survey for Nurses Education day
    • Likes/dislikes
  • Education about CFAS website
    • Locate important, key areas of website
    • Website tutorial
  • Talk about upcoming events
  • Letting people know where every one is from
  • Promote networking, forum
  • Email list
  • Budget, what we spent our money on
  1. Review current NSIG Standards. Discuss relevance, prioritize for updates, assign responsibilities, strategize to determine committee members, set due dates, submit proposal to CFAS for approval (Form).
  • Nursing competencies is a separate project
  • Nursing standards is a large topic to discuss in this (Item 11) – move to another meeting.
  • It will be a teleconference itself. It will be on the members to review and spend an hour to review and renew.
  • The current clinical guidelines – this is the standard we need to work toward (CFAS website). Reference can be used from all sources when we start to build the Nursing Standards
    • Budget, can we use it for people to do lit searches? (not quite at that stage)
  1. Discuss possibility of developing an RNAO Fertility Nursing Interest Group (Nicole)

Developing RNAO for special interest group for Ontario nurses (Nicole) – next teleconference

  1. Final Summary of our meeting, detail deliverables and assigned individuals.
  • Would like us to confirm mandate
    • Danielle will put into sentence format and send it out to the group
  • Would like review terms of reference, structure is agreed upon
  • Would like to brainstorm for next webinar, assign someone to spearhead
  • Send bios – 115 words, Email to Danielle
  1. Review NSIG Regional Summit plan for next day. Confirm all details. Assign roles and speaker introductions.
  • Event starts a 8, Danielle D and Mark will be there at 0730 – Natalia is hooking up AV
  • Name tags, sign in sheet, pens, pads
  • Slides of what the day looks like
  • Panel – questions on slides and Danielle D to facilitate
  • We will do a fluid survey for evaluation of tomorrow’s event – not created yet.
  • Mark obtained – bio, objectives, use of slides of speakers, recording for tomorrow’s Education day.
    • For members only
  • Registration to event is still open and our numbers are at 70.
  • We will intro to executive at nurses education day
  • Each executive member assigned a speaker introduction
  • Mark will be speaking in the morning to thank pharma companies on behalf of CFAS, due to their contriubutions

Meeting adjourned: 5:15PM

Next conference call: Monday May 8 at 7:30 PM EST

Nurses SIG Teleconference, March 13, 2017, Scheduled for 7:30PM EST

Start: 7:32pm EST/End: 8:27pm EST

Attendees: Danielle D, Nicole, Eileen, Alisha, Danielle H, Bonnie

Absent: Laura

Meeting commenced at 7:32pm EST

Danielle D states that this teleconference will focus on finishing up plans for April 27 and April 28, 2017 (Nurses Education Day & In-person Executive Meeting)

Who has registered for the event?

  • Alisha has purchased flight, not booked hotel, registering tomorrow, coming in for 9:45am, leaving at 6:35pm Friday through Porter
  • Danielle D – flying porter, at 8:45am, fly out at 7:35pm
  • Natalia just responded regarding the hotel. We are not doing a block for this event
  • Danielle D sharing room with presenter with research presented, will be there for the whole
  • Alisha, Bonnie, Danielle H still need a room
    • Danielle H advised that she is not coming
    • Alisha will be able to have her own room
  • Everyone else is driving in
  • Eileen – not requiring accommodations
  • Nicole – registered, not requiring accommodations
  • Eileen/Nicole – coming for both meeting and in-person Executive meeting
  • Bonnie advised that she will be taking the train and staying with mother around the university, not registered for meeting yet. Getting non-member fee even when she logs into the CFAS. Bonnie advised that she will register tomorrow.
  • Will have to follow up with Laura, as not on call this evening

Danielle H advised while she is unable to attend, one of the nurses are her clinic named Jenny will be coming to Toronto and staying overnight. Danielle H advised that there is limited funding for nurses to attend conferences, so she will be sending a nurse that has not attended a conference.

Danielle D asks if Danielle H can arrange to attend the Executive meeting via teleconference. Danielle H will try to arrange and confirm.

Danielle D: Registration for the event shows 12 participants so far, we would like 30 participants.

Everyone had some issues with renewing clinic membership, had to contact Natalia.

Some software changes this year.

For April 28:

  • Missing one panel member for IVF waitlist management.
  • Eileen is organizing with someone in the transplant world being asked to participate for this discussion.
    • Eileen sent another email to Transplant NP – for IVF waitlist – how it works. The NP will speak about waitlist and prioritization. Eileen awaiting email response.
  • Danielle D spoke with Jennifer Malcew. Jennifer Malcew will approach with case scenarios, two very different patients and two end points – how the nurse can support two different patients.
  • Conclusion for Regional meeting:
    • Nurses may be too busy to attend
    • If Toronto was successful that we would consider moving it to other provinces.
    • We should consider doing something alongside with conference
    • Survey NSIG members; come up with questions at April 27. What are the barriers to attending?
    • Eileen: MRS. Interested in attendance for pre-conference and conference. Eileen will ask Dr. Angie Beltsos as MRS is very popular, good to get tips about success.

April 27 – Executive meeting

  • We have to finalize agenda for our in-person meeting
  • Danielle D would like to have one of the topics be leadership training for the Executive
    • Danielle D reached out to EMD – Lunch and learn
    • The request was misunderstood and was sent information for formal training.
    • EMD does pay a lot to CFAS for sponsorship fees, which is designated to nurse education.
    • Danielle D asking group if she should go back to Mark to get additional budget for leadership training for the executive team. We would be asking for $1000.
      • Eileen/Alisha – maybe frame it as a question of possibility.
    • Two years ago with Heather Brooks, the executive meeting was informal where the SIG worked on terms of reference, goals
    • Danielle D: Does the team feel like we have the leadership qualities to speak to the NSIG? Danielle D found that completing a Masters program really helped with becoming an effective leader and establishing initiatives.
    • In order to grow and strengthen, leadership skills would be helpful as Nurses is a hard executive to be a part of to get nurses to join.

Bonnie: leadership would be interesting, would be more interested about the committee and developing a working relationship, then go to leadership training – best to learn about the committee

Danielle H: hugely beneficial to learn about the committee. Last year of the committee with Heather Brooks, Mark would go through what the committee is to do. Would be nice for us to get a background. When you come into it and do not know much about it, it would be good to know what to do…

Danielle D: Mark provided a small presentation to new members. Agree with Danielle H and Bonnie to keep it simple. Give it a chance to reorganize our goals for this year. Will circulate a draft agenda and will circulate to the members to add to.

Danielle D: Teleconference with SIG chairs, scientific committee for the 2018 CFAS being held in Montreal. The response to report that was submitted by the NSIG. Overall response was very positive. There was a comment under the budget that any unused money of $25,000 will be rolled into 2018 budget.

  • It has been a controversial topic, paying someone to do lit searches for SIG out of our budget. How can SIG members spend the time to do lit searches? We can use students for lit searches? We would need to push through project and obtain Mark’s support.
  • The topic of a pre-conference idea was presented to the committee for 2018 CFAS. We should start planning. We will put on agenda for April 27 meeting.

CFAS wants to know intentions for Nurses SIG budget use (June 2017 to May 2018), another agenda item for April 27

Webinar – one in old budget, one in new budget – we have to break it up more clearly

CFAS wants us (NSIG) to finalize a terms of reference, we will have to update for priorities of our meeting. Had worked on it 2 years ago. The ones posted are from 2005.

Danielle D will circulate the terms of reference that were worked on 2 years ago.

Nicole: Minutes approved from last teleconference? Danielle D & Eileen were the only ones to respond to email. Permission granted from group to submit. Nicole to send to Natalia to get posted

Bonnie: Where is the April 27 Meeting?

  • 19th floor at Mount Sinai Hospital
  • Danielle D will send location out with agenda.

Next conference (meeting) is in person and we will set next teleconference at that time.

End: 8:27pm EST

Nurses SIG Teleconference, January 16, 2017, Scheduled for 8:30PM EST
Start: 8:44pm EST/End: 10:01pm EST

Attendees: Danielle D, Nicole, Eileen, Laura
Absent: Alisha, Danielle, Bonnie


  1. Welcome
  2. Approval of minutes, sent out by Nicole
  3. Updates from Danielle & SIG Chair meetings
  4. Regional Meeting location & date confirmed April 28 at Hart House.
    1. Committee members attending & organizing
    2. Topics
    3. Speakers
  5. SIG update for board meeting, including 2017-2018 budget
  6. Ad hoc items
  7. Closing remarks, summaries, action items
  8. Next scheduled teleconference

Item 1: Welcome

Meeting commenced at 8:44pm EST
Many members had a hard time connecting on the number

Item 2: Approval of Minutes sent out by Nicole

  • Approval of minutes – group advised ok to publish
  • Minor edits to be sent
  • Minutes can be sent to Natalia to post onto CFAS website

Action items from last teleconference

  • Nicole touched base Natalia
  • Nicole advised that Danielle’s meeting minutes published from last year
  • Our last meeting minutes published on CFAS
  • The Meeting Minutes are now password protected and available to members only

Item 3: Updates from Danielle & SIG Chair meetings

  • Danielle D. will summarizes SIG chair meetings
    • Counsellor Chandra has agreed to do the talk with small remuneration. Topic: How to give bad news well. Session will be 30 min talk and 30 minute interactive session.
    • Danielle D will connect with Chandra to advise our expectations for the meeting. She is local so no further expense.
  • SIG business meeting. Nurses SIG will have more funds since we got local speaker. We
    have not had that in past years.

Item 4: Regional Meeting location & date confirmed April 28 at Hart House (Committee members
attending & organizing, topics, speakers)

  • Eileen confirmed that Hart House is set for April 28. Confirm room is Music room
  • Laura advised she has a speaker. Jim Lab Director at TRIO would do the talk or someone from the lab to speak about Embryology 101.
    • Jim is a quick presentation, about 25 to 30 minutes, has videos – there is a Q&A, his presentation could be up to an hour
    • Laura will go over date with Jim – did not speak about compensation.
    • As a CFAS member, Jim is not meant to get an honorarium.
  • Danielle D advised that each Toronto team member (on current call) could bring a speaker to the event. It will help us get on our way.
  • Danielle D advised:
    • That the Regional Meeting has been announced and is officially “a go”
    • We were told to submit invoice for room and was announced by CFAS
    • CFAS used our event to secure additional sponsorship from drug companies – as they are keen in supporting nursing education. Mark did not disclose amounts but advised that they commited to allocating more funds to nursing education
  • Danielle D connected with Joan Aukland at EMD and Rachel Green is available to speak for our regional meeting.
    • Rachel will provide education about compassion and empathy –in populations that are highly emotional
    • The cost to have her speak is $1000. Mark advised to go ahead.
    • Rachel has cut down her presentation, about 1.5 hours (first thing in the morning)
    • We want the presentation to be interactive.
  • We are to put together an agenda in order to set up registration for the event.
    • We are not to get into details of price negotiation, but we have not been told a limit.
    • We need to start thinking about agenda including time frame of each talk, meals, breaks.
    • Eileen advised:
      • Most meetings start at 0800 or 0830 with a Continental breakfast.
      • We can potentially mimic something that has already has been done.
      • Travel time in the morning should be ok for those who are local.
      • Suggestion: Registration 0800-0830, 0845 opening remarks Start time 0900 – lecture
      • The last CME at MSH, they commenced at 0730, Registration 0750, first lecture 0800
      • Most lectures are 40 minutes total per speaker
  • We want to go for topics that come out of survey results that way we can tailor each session around the topic itself
  • General consensus that presentations should be 30 to 45 minutes – topic dependant – nothing longer than 50 minutes.
  • We currently have two confirmed speakers for the Regional meeting
  • We would like it to be more clinically based and have as many nurses speaker as possible – potential speakers/topics:
    • Nicole said that she could approach physicians at HFC (nurse case studies)
    • Male Infertility (one of high rated the topics). We could approach Leia Spencer RN from MKU,
      • Nicole to approach Leia to speak about Male infertility
    • Oncology Nursing. We could ask Dr. Jackson, Fertile Future
    • Joan cannot attend our regional meeting due to a conflict, has another meeting to attend
    • Research:
      • Danielle D, asked the group if we have research coordinators
      • Eileen: MSH – not for nursing more medical,
      • Laura: TRIO has a nurse dedicated to research working primarily with OvaScience
      • Nicole: HFC has a research committee that is becoming active
      • The group all agreed that:
        • Nurses don’t have the resources or opportunity
        • CFAS is heavily medical and lab
        • Principles surrounding – ethics approval
    • Typical fertility workup ordered by physicians
    • If no male infertility – PGD/PGS (one or the other), speaker could potentially be someone from Genesis Genetics
    • Mark would like us to confirm – for agenda
    • Danielle D to ask Mark about time allotment per speaker

Item 5: SIG update for board meeting, including 2017-2018 budget

  • Danielle D has two phone calls.
  • There is a good initiative by Mark, SIG chair introductory meetings, a “CFAS for dummies”
  • Danielle D and Andrology Chair are new this year
  • Mark sent power point and gave structure of CFAS, old info, but gave good idea of what it being a Chair entails (board members and what they do)
  • Danielle D asked the group if it would it be helpful to send the power point
    • Group agrees that it would be helpful information
    • Danielle D to share with Nurses SIG
  • Mark wanted to highlight that office with him and Natalia – there role is to support our work, come up with ideas
  • Board is not SIG chairs, the board is elected in members who had an interest in being on the board and voted in. Some are SIG chairs some are not and is Non-profit.
  • Mark and Natalia are the administrators; they are working on formalization of processes and forms to get filled out.
    • Forms are detailed and are a checklist for us to get the meeting put together properly.
  • The SIG chairs meet quarterly. The meetings are focused around annual meeting.
  • The SIG Chairs put together SIG report quarterly. All SIGs to report the following to the Board: activities and achievements of last year, priorities of next term, budget requests.
  • Danielle D will report since last Sept – meeting minutes to provide that information.
  • Budget requests are mostly for regional and annual meeting: SIG, speaker, travel for speaker, etc.
  • Mark talked about budget $5000 roughly, but does not want it to be a limiting factor. He wants the regional meeting to be in budget but does not want that to limit what our initiatives for the year will be.
  • The budget was a grey topic prior to meeting, but got a better understanding through the meeting.
  • For the in-person meeting, we will fill out sheet of intention, this needs to be separately approved
  • For the SIG chair meeting:
    • Mark talked about the report and would like it from everyone
    • For the Annual meeting:
      • The intentions for the meeting
      • First morning – is for SIG session. Mark asked all to talk about the plan
      • For Nurses SIG: Danielle provided Danielle D with Sen’s info…facilitated interactive session and asked for two hour time slot.
      • Other SIGs asked for both Embryology and Andrology, they would have combined speakers for 2 hours – breaks – business meeting separately.
      • Mark is recruiting information so he can divide the rooms appropriately
      • Mark wanted to know approximate attendees
        • Danielle D estimated 40 people attendees.
        • Danielle D asked the group if the approximation was too high?
          Figured since it is Vancouver, based on what we had last year, we
          may not be able to get a lot of people to go d/t expense for clinic.
        • Nurses SIG:
          • Plan for the day not on website10 to 12
        • Focus of the call was everyone talking about SIG day
          • SIG sessions starting at 0730 to 1125. 0730 to 1000
            (Nursing meeting and Business meeting), then break.
          • Science light lunches – but then free time after, opening lecture at 1:30
  • For Nurses SIG: Danielle D to email Mark back, as we would like 0900 to 1000 speaker, 10 to 1030 break, then 1030 to 1130 business meeting
  • We spoke about doing a pre-conference workshop for CFAS, it is a big undertaking right now, we may want try to plan this for the next meeting in Montreal.
  • Danielle D will go back through notes and share presentation and then will send to group
  • Danielle D has to finalize the summary, which is due January 24 and will submit to committee before sending it to Mark presents it to the board.
    • Budget items:
      • Another Regional Meeting
        • If Toronto is successful, we will do another region, then can figure out
      • Teleconference
      • In-person with executive
      • Communication should not be costing anything – Mark has not finalized.

Item 6: Ad hoc items

  • Are we still interested in nursing webinar?
    • Eileen mentions Mark Mensour, ACLS
    • Does the presenter have to be a nurse?
      • Group agrees presenter does not have to be a nurse but pertain to nursing
    • We would think about when we should to do it?
      • Could he do it in February? Not close to March break.
        • Eileen will email Sarah.
    • Next teleconference to nail down webinars
  • When do NSIG meeting in person – Danielle D takes it to group to propose a date
    • Makes sense to do it in Toronto – do it around the regional meeting
    • Potentially meet on the Thursday for in-person
    • We need to start thinking about solidifying agenda for execute in-person meeting

Item 7: Closing remarks, summaries, action items

Item 8: Next scheduled teleconference

  • Next meeting via teleconference, Danielle D will put out doodle for February
  • Danielle D adjourns meeting at 10:01pm EST

NSIG Executive Teleconference/December 8, 2016 – Scheduled for 8:30pm EST
Start: 8:34pm EST/End: 10:55pm EST

Attendees: Danielle D, Alisha, Laura, Danielle H., Nicole, Eileen, Bonnie


  1. Welcome
  2. Approval of minutes, send for online posting
  3. NSIG Mail Out List – 23 members
  4. Regional Meeting location & date confirmation.
  5. Review of the NSIG survey feedback (current results of 13 members attached)
  6. Budget – review of past budgets (attached) and our need for future budget planning (Year June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017)
  7. ART Day plans and speakers
  8. Ad hoc items
  9. Closing remarks, summaries, action items
  10. Next scheduled teleconference – option for New Year in person team meeting

Item 1: Welcome

  • Meeting called to order by Danielle D at 8:34pm EST\
  • Danielle D welcomes all members
    • “Busy time of year for everyone”
    • Would like to cover the topics we talked about during the last teleconference

Item 2: Approval of Minutes, send for online posting

  • Danielle D confirms that all are ok with minutes from last meeting
  • Clarification required from Natalia:
    • Question from group: Are minutes are open to public? Or NSIG members only?
    • Why are minutes are open to public. Understanding is that they are for members only.
    • Where are 2015 minutes? Only some of 2016 minutes are uploaded onto CFAS website.
  • Action items:
    • Nicole to touch base with Natalia re: minutes submitted in the past by Danielle D
    • Confirm with Natalia that minutes are password protected.

Item 3: NSIG Mail Out List – 23 members

  • Danielle D discusses NSIG mail out from email – 25 members from original list
  • Danielle D would hope to put out another communication – once a month.
    • Has found that people like to hear about feedback
    • Potentially send survey results to the members
  • Danielle D advised that last time that she checked, 13 people answered survey
    • Would have liked to get more people responding
    • Checked most recent numbers of responses (during teleconference) – 17 answered out of 25 subscribers
      • 68% response rate
      • Eileen advised that 40% response rate on surveys is considered good
  • Alisha: “did we write a generic email?”
  • Danielle H. forwarded email to nurses that was sent by Danielle D – advising what Nursing SIG is up to.
  • Eileen advised we cannot solicit clinics.
    • We can forward email communication within your own clinics.
    • It will take time to build up our membership.
    • CFAS will be our opportunity to solicit membership

Item 4: Regional Meeting location & date confirmation.

  • Danielle D advised that she has been chatting about the regional meeting.
  • Eileen found/proposed the AGO as a venue for the regional meeting.
    • April 7 was taken by first reserve
    • AGO was a contender as they were going to give the tour for free – but there is a charge per person
  • We discussed putting a soft hold on April 3 – stay away from Easter.
  • Open discussion about day to hold Regional meeting:
    • BC & QC – may be hard to take Monday
    • NB – is ok with Monday
    • Consensus Monday is usually busy
  • Group discussion: Is there another venue if we wanted to keep the Friday date?
  • Eileen advised:
    • Mark is strongly suggesting Hart House.
      • For Ethics day: 81 people attended, $4k, budget friendly, no down payment required
      • Hart House is a great venue, but not in summer as there is no air conditioning. April date should be ok.
      • Cost will be $38pp (for breakfast, snacks, etc.)
      • Natalia and Mark probably have contact since have done event there before
    • For AGO:
      • 40 ppl is $5k, requires 75% down payment
      • Weary about financial commitment before we have everything set.
      • $61pp
  • Group agrees:
    • That Hart house is a contender.
    • Content will be the draw, not the venue
    • Still want to stay with April 7
  • Action item: Eileen will contact, she is an alum of U of T

Item 5: Review of the NSIG survey feedback (current results of 13 members attached)

  • Group review survey results re: topics
  • Danielle H attended Genetics and RPL at ASRM, she liked the format of learning, liked the preconference courses.
    • Danielle D – also liked the pre-conference style
    • Mark also thinks pre-conference courses are a good idea
    • Benefit with pre-conference event:
      • where conference is already taking place
      • connect with other nurses.
  • Regional meeting generally have different numbers of attendees
  • Danielle D: if our pilot is successful, then we could do another regional meeting and have it in different provinces/cities like Mark did with genetics and ethics
  • Danielle D would like the group to continue thinking about topics, as we are still trying to get speakers, date
  • Since the meeting will be in the Toronto area (regional), we should consider local speakers at it would be more cost effective
    • Will discuss at next meeting
    • We will reconvene in January
    • Danielle D and Eileen will continue to discuss via email

Item 6: Budget – review of past budgets (attached) and our need for future budget planning (Year June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017)

  • Danielle D advised that Mark would like our future NSIG budget for the teleconference happening amongst the chairs in January, which will be discussing next years budget. June 1 (June 2017 to May 2018)
  • Regional meeting will not be in budget year. We have to report what we are going to spend the budget on.
  • For CFAS Vancouver, costs will be similar to what we paid for this year in Toronto:
    • ART speaker costs (given honorarium)
      • $1k too high for one speaker
      • For future speakers, offer $250 then go up with the board to $500.
    • Travel cost – Natalia estimating $230
    • AV cost
    • The budget would remain the same budget for upcoming annual meeting – we would like to have AV cost & room
  • Eileen: “Would be helpful to have list what CFAS covers
    • Suggests that Danielle contact CFAS
  • Danielle D: “Mark advises that regional meeting will be a breakeven event, usually get the event sponsored by a pharma company and charge a small fee”
  • Nurse education project is outside our budget – secured funds outside.
  • Danielle D advises that the next call is January with Board.
  • Danielle D will have to clarify with Mark re: budget for in person (face to face) meeting
    • We only have $500 left in our current budget.
  • Budget: Include face to face meeting, CFAS, getting members – social aspect prior (do something that costs less), maybe relate it to self care.
  • Survey were interested in recorded webinars – do one live but what them recorded and then post them on website. People can watched them on own time and re-watch.
  • Danielle D will get clarity around what NSIG is responsible for and what is covered by CFAS
  • Eileen – previous nursing standards to update, is there a budget?
    • It would come out of NSIG budget – but what would we allot the funds to?
    • Lots of time to get these done on off time…even if we had a group doing them.
    • Docs pay people to get the lit searches done.
    • Standards should be evidence-based…research based.
    • Eileen did review and they did not have references, very senior professionals made the standards.
    • There are CFAS guidelines now for standards go out and then have to be submitted.
    • Danielle D: will bring it up that our committee is vested in getting them completed – will ask Mark.

Item 7: ART Day plans and speakers

  • ART Day plan and speakers – Danielle D circulated the speakers.
    • No one relevant in the list for nursing.
    • We have to get decision to him by January 1.
    • We were supposed to be thinking about it between last conference call and now
    • We don’t want to recycle speakers as we would like to make an impact.
    • We would be able to save on budget if the speakers were were local.
      • Danielle H – really good clinical counsellor, she got a speaker to come to PCRM – how to give bad news well. Chandra Sen – patient support groups. She gets what nurses do – even self care topics for nurses and patients. She does not fluff up material – very real.
      • Danielle H can reach out to her and approach her for ART day for CFAS in Vancouver. Specializes in infertility.
    • Dates posted on CFAS website – to approach her with the dates Sep 14 to Sep 16. o
    • Action item: Danielle H to reach out and then advise Danielle D.
  • Two other ideas – more for regional meeting:
    • Quebec based speaker, Serono is putting together for clinics on mindfulness
      • More strategy then tool to communicate better with your patients.
      • Reflective practice
      • Full day workshop (Rachel Green)
      • Laura also liked the speaker.
      • Captivating speaker. Toronto based nurses. Very interactive workshop. EMD would sponsor it
    • Other idea – Joan, Approached Fertility clinics to pediatric endocrinology:
      • To discuss implication for patient with disorders have long term effects on fertility.
      • Educational opportunity – fertility and childhood disorders.
      • Really specific topic, may not be best for ART day…may be better with regional

Item 8: Ad hoc items

  • No ad hoc items

Item 9: Closing remarks, summaries, action items


  • Danielle D, email out to entice people to sign up.
    • Mention: idea from another organization – allow burning question to members – to allow more interaction, for example: versed doses for OPU, cabergoline use (criteria)
    • Similar to ASRM forum
  • Eileen will contact Hart House (contact Mark and Natalia), April 7 – secure date, then reconvene
  • Reschedule our meeting – doodle – come up with concrete agenda, topics and speakers
  • More survey results
  • Budget – seek 3 questions: is budget what it is? Or fresh?
    • Regional meeting is in or out?
    • Responsibilities for CFAS meeting are?
    • Ideas to move along and reviving our standards
  • We will all continue to think of ART speakers. Will need that by New Year.
    • Ontario at the end of funding – Paula Shook – coalition to have funding
    • Showcase article – day 3 transfer and got pregnant – day 3 vs day 5
    • Embryology explanations – for regional meeting – Laura will talk to her lab director about doing a talk at the regional date.
  • Danielle H will reach out to clinical counsellor

Item 10: Next scheduled teleconference – option for New Year in person team meeting

  • Reconvene for teleconference in New Year.
  • Danielle D will communicate via email re: Mark’s answers – in person meetings.
  • Meeting adjourned: 10:55pm EST

NSIG Executive Teleconference/October 27, 2016 – Scheduled for 8:30pm EST
Start: 8:37pm EST/ End: 9:40pm EST

Attendees: Danielle D., Bonnie, Alisha, Nicole, Eileen, Laura


  1. Welcome
  2. Membership Chair announcement
  3. Feedback from CFAS 2016 conference, lessons learned
  4. SIG/Advisory Meeting summary (held on Oct 14, 2016)
  5. Draft 2017 Vancouver meeting template
  6. 2017 ART Day – NSIG plans – speakers, session, business meeting, time frame… needed by November 2016 to Board
  7. Member’s contact list, plan to move ahead
  8. Needs Assessment Survey for members – review of questions to include
  9. Nurses Regional Education Day – date and location proposal, theme, topics and speakers
  10. Ad hoc agenda items
  11. Closing remarks, scheduling of next teleconference

Item 1 & 2: Welcome/Membership Chair Announcement – Quick Intros

  • Meeting called to order by Danielle D at 8:37pm.
  • First time in a long time that all the positions have been filled.
  • Danielle D welcomes Bonnie – expressed interest to Eileen and Danielle. The physician she works with is active in CFAS member and encouraged her to join. She is the Membership Chair.
  • Bonnie – works at Montreal fertility centre with Dr. Neil Mahutte, president of CFAS 2014-2015, (on Board of Directors now). In clinic for 6 years. Before was in cosmetic medical, then in community nursing. As membership chair – we will talk about a few projects and topics for the year. Grow membership. Establish ourselves.
  • Co-chair: Danielle Hebner (PCRM) – not able to join call. Attended session: Advisory committee – two new members (nursing, ART) attended along with all the other SIG chairs. Danielle H attended in Danielle D’s place. Mark presented “The Rounds” – considering using it as a forum for SIGs to use to communicate
  • Standards Chair: Eileen – Eileen advised that there were a number of nursing standards written prior to joining. The standards include IUI, CS, IVF standard, beta phone call standard (how to communicate). There are about ten (10) or eleven (11). Eileen advised that the standards are due for an update. Eileen has looked at a few with nursing SIG, but Board said that there are many documents that board has not even seen should not bear CFAS seal. All documents have to go through Board, and go through formal processes to make them official. Eileen is now working on the
    fertility nurse education project.
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Nicole – currently works at Hannam Fertility Centre/CCRM Toronto, worked in fertility since 2010. Started at Procrea, practiced in oral surgery, cosmetic surgery then made it back to fertility.
  • Laura, works at Trio formally LQ – Education committee.
  • Alisha, works at Conceptia, 7 years of maternity floor then hired at only fertility at NB – just in position for over a year. Heather Brooks reached out to her to see if she wanted to join, Education committee. Joined Eileen to partake in the fertility nurse education project.

Item 3: Feedback from CFAS 2016 conference, lessons learned

  • Alisha – Specific speakers – maybe a workshop – more interactive with an educational take home.
  • Laura – interactive. The speaker felt rushed.
  • Nicole – not an engaging speaker.
  • Eileen – speaker had fertility slides, but went on about Kingston general. She was highly recommended – but ended up being very disappointing.
  • Danielle – NSIG hosted talk was supposed to be half talk, half interaction – speaker had poor time management because there was very little interaction with the group. Disappointing.

Item 4: SIG/Advisory Meeting summary (held on Oct 14, 2016)

  • Danielle D advised Mark as Exec Director is formalizing a lot of things
  • One of the main projects as our committee goes forward is to establish terms of reference that meet the standard recently drafted by CFAS
  • Hopefully ours are pretty up to date because they were revised in 2014, but still have to review.
  • Terms of reference for each SIG are available when you login into the CFAS website
  • Some of the NSIG minutes still need to be uploaded (Danielle D to do)
    • Secretary is meant to circulate the minutes to the group, each member will read them to ensure that nothing is missing and they are approved at the next meeting to be posted to CFAS. Once minutes approved they are submitted to Natalia to post on the CFAS website.
  • Subproject going on – Fertility Nurse Education Project.
    • Involves a lot of NSIG members but separate to the NSIG committee. Eileen is chair of this project.
    • Mark brought up that embryology is working on obtaining a certification.
    • CNA has been approached to obtain certification and we were advised that the numbers are too small.
    • Knowledge base to work from established:
      • ASRM has a course and exam associated.
      • Pharm company courses: Serono and Merck
    • The certification would focus on competencies for whole country.
      • Move into orientation guidelines that are similar to the ones established for Oncology nurses, such as patient care service standards
    • CNA conference call in November. Al Yuzpe has encouraged that we fight for certification. Eileen has emailed person in charge of certification to talk about working around the numbers. REI certification process being worked on.
    • Potential road blocks – different nursing license in Quebec.

Item 5: Draft 2017 Vancouver meeting template

  • Mark chaired the SIG/Advisory Meeting summary held on Oct 14, 2016 with the objective to obtain overall feedback and apply it for next year’s annual conference in Vancouver
  • Feedback:
    • The Toronto CFAS meeting started too early, went too late at night – too long of a day
    • First day did not allow for a cocktail hour – usually have a welcome meet & greet before meeting started
    • Hallway for poster presentations was too noisy and interfered with presentations
    • Poster presentations – 2 nights in Toronto – proposal to do 1 night in big conference room in Vancouver so we can look at them all
    • Some believe that some of the talks at Toronto CFAS were off topic
    • More RCT, patient centred talk
    • Re-think hosting nursing concurrent sessions with ethics and law – people like to go to the both, bad idea to overlap the two sessions.
    • Not a lot of applicable knowledge to bring back to the team from the Toronto CFAS meeting
  • Dr. Jeff Roberts – PCRM, current CFAS president – in charge of Vancouver 2017. Has entire conference mapped, do this more than a year advance
  • Conference theme: Healthy body, healthy baby
  • Lots of talks: fresh vs frozen
  • Concurrent sessions are not SIG divided – it is subject based
  • Felt it was time to mix and mingle different groups
  • NSIG meeting would benefit us. Good to be able to learn about different areas as opposed to very specific to nursing and feel obligated to go to NSIG.

Item 6: 2017 ART Day – NSIG plans – speakers, session, business meeting, time frame… needed by November 2016 to Board

  • Intended for SIG to plan to deliver to special interest group
  • To do items:
    • Choose speakers
    • Elections
    • Step downs
    • Time frame
    • Board wants this delivered by November
  • Group suggested: More of a moderator vs. speakers
  • Group to think about topics for themed workshop – healthy body, healthy baby
  • Danielle H. can help find us a local speaker
  • Have our session be more like our breakfast as it was more interactive than NSIG session
  • Danielle D would like to give everyone time to consider subjects – schedule next teleconference to formalize plans to submit to Mark.
  • NSIG is at risk of losing time slot if no plan put forward
  • A lot of work to find speakers and commitment, we are happy to only find a speaker for the ART day
  • NSIG has not been a responsive SIG in past years as we have been short on members.
  • NSIG will be trying to communicate more with the nursing community

Item 7&8: Member’s contact list, plan to move ahead/Needs Assessment Survey for members – review of questions to include

  • Danielle: This year we would like to communicate with members. Executive committee to approve
  • emails. Send out a hello and update, intentions and circulate it to the clinic.
  • Nurses/Members would email Danielle D. to join list.
  • Each of the listserv members could be champions within each clinic and the members for which we already have contact information could be champions too.
  • Alisha: Do they have to be members of CFAS to benefit from NSIG? – members vs. non-members.
  • Bonnie: Not all nurses pay dues – some clinics cover. Lack of understanding as to why they should join.
  • Eileen: Medical guidelines were made available to non-members. Oncology nursing are available to all. Do we have to ask Mark?
  • Danielle: we have to reach out to non-members to make them become members.
  • Suggest: Include everyone. For example, one of IPAC Canada’s benefits is that you can send questions out to all members.
  • Probably have to confirm with Mark as we want to encourage people to buy into membership. Danielle to do this.
  • Once we have more email addresses, we will proceed with sending out a needs assessment – Eileen drafted questions. Brief questionnaire, so people actually complete. Aim: regional nurse education day in Toronto – highest constitution of fertility nurses. General questionnaire – asking topics, type ofeducation various…add how to they like to learn? And what format? Webinar, reading material, actual meetings.

Item 9: Nurses Regional Education Day – date and location proposal, theme, topics and speakers

  • Eileen has done groundwork – Toronto venue
  • MSH auditorium – CME are held there.
  • Recommend AGO – have a resto, meeting rooms, events person is great. Lots of options
    • Price is reasonable including AV – not including speaker(s) 50ppl (8h) break, snack, lunch 3k.
    • Not expected venue for nursing meeting
    • Also offer private tours as added bonus for end of session
    • Round table feel
  • Throwing around dates – April 7,2017 (group good with date) – commit to date
  • Nail down a theme, then send for approval
  • Mark advised to seek sponsorship from pharm companies – so we do not have to use our own budget Ideas
  • Last teleconference – Laura proposed funded topic. Nurses’ well-being.
  • Danielle D: Brainstorming with Mark – waitlisting is not a new concept to medical.
    • Bring someone who has been doing this for years – triage priority patients.
    • Allocation of funds and resources. Learn from other areas.
    • How do to handle workload and burnout.
    • If funding goes away – job loss (Bonnie speaks about funding vs. no funding)
  • Group to come up with catchy theme
  • Danielle will write proposal, once secure, we can go ahead and request/secure allocation of funds
  • We have to then nail down speakers and topics

Item 10: Ad hoc agenda items

  • Bonnie: First meeting with everyone. She is very impressed with everything heard. Incredible plans.
  • Danielle D: Super excited with group – don’t want to take on too much and be able to deliver on the projects that we have decided to take on.

Item 11: Closing remarks, scheduling of next teleconference

  • Danielle D. will send proposed dates on doodle for next meeting, time to remain at 8:30pm EST.
  • Nicole to send meeting minutes to group for review, then approved at next meeting.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:40pm.


AUGUST 23, 2016, 8:00PM EST

1. Welcome at 8:03pm – introductions to Executive. Attendees: Heather Brooks, Danielle Dubois, Danielle Hebner, Laura Wright, Alisha LeBlanc, Eileen McMahon. Absent Nicole Lee.

2. Approval of previous meeting minutes – Minutes from July 12, 2016 Danielle to send out minutes, committee to respond via email regarding approval before Danielle to send minutes to Natalia for posting onto the website.

3. Results of NSIG Call for Nominations – Results are in, there were no multiple applicants therefore all positions filled by acclamation. Danielle Dubois (Chair), Danielle Hebner (co-chair), Nicole Lee (secretary/secretary).

4. 2016 CFAS recap and review of last minute items –

a. AGM: Heather to create agenda, will circulate in advance. Danielle to submit to Natalia for emailing to members with prompt to encourage members to think about ideas of what they would like NSIG to spend their budget on for 2017 and what topics they would like to see at the annual nursing education event in the Spring.
b. Luncheon – Danielle reported on the plans for the nurses luncheon. The BnB restaurant inside the Sheraton hotel is the best option for time constraints. They are fully booked for breakfast with a large 100 person breakfast already booked. A luncheon 12pm to 130pm is tentatively reserved. The manager is still to email Danielle menu options. Prices range between $17 to $25/pp. The estimated budget is approximately the same as last year’s event of $1300. We have $2600 left in our 2016 budget. Approval through the board members is pending. Danielle will let Executive know once approved and ready to proceed. Joan Aukland is ready to provide the educational component, the topic will be the history and evolution of fertility nursing.
c. ART Day NSIG speaker confirmed and ready. The joint concurrent session of the ASIG and NSIG is ready, Heather Brooks will cochair.
d. Danielle suggested that we should survey members to help plan our 2017 budget. Eileen suggested that we should survey for topics wanted from members regarding educational opportunities.

5. New Business – No new business.

6. Closing Remarks – we will see eachother at CFAS. Call ended at 8:25pm.

Attendees: Eileen McMahon, Danielle Dubois, Heather Brooks, Laura Wright

1. Welcome – Meeting called to order at 8:10pm. The new 8pm start time was in hopes of our western committee members being able to make it home in time to attend the conference call after work. No other committee members expressed concern over the new start time.

2. Approval of previous minutes – April 19, 2016. Approved. Danielle to submit to Natalia for the website.

a. Nurse Education committee has met and is continuing to put a National Nursing Education Program into place.
b. We have not confirmed any webinars, and may not have the budget for it within this current fiscal year.
c. Joan Aukland confirmed that she will speak on the history of fertility nursing September 22. Decision regarding a breakfast or lunch on this day was discussed. Danielle to find out pricing for the lunch option and report back to committee.

3. New Members – Positions currently filled: Eileen Standards Chair, Laura Education Chair. Heather is stepping down from the chair position but would like to remain on the Executive committee. Danielle has expressed interest in moving into the Chair position. Will seek permission from CFAS for a call of nomination for the soon to be vacated Secretary/Treasurer and Co-Chair position (currently Danielle) and the Membership Subcommittee Chair is also still vacant.
Danielle Hebner, Tammi MacPhee, Renata Smidova and Alisha LeBlanc are new members interested in joining the Executive Committee.
Email to be sent to Natalia to send invite to all members regarding the three vacant positions. We will make deadline for applications to be Aug 7th.

4. CFAS 2016 recap – luncheon Danielle to investigate $2000, intro Exec committee members will occur.

5. New Business
ART Day speakers for CFAS 2017
Loren Brown – dietician, Chinese medicine, hypnotherapy, Preparing for ART women
Gary Nekhuda – epigenetics gene expression (Olive Fertility Centre)

Suggestions for spring one-day nursing regional education event:
Danielle’s suggestion: The patient’s experience: how to teach needle phobic patients self-injections, how to teach patients about their stimulation response, donor egg patient considerations, donor sperm, cancer patients from an oncology side of supporting them.
Laura’s suggestion: MOH funding impact on nurses: Since it is a regional meeting being planned for Toronto, this would be a timely relevant topic.

Next meeting Aug 23 at 8pm. Meeting adjourned 9:00pm.

1. Welcome – meeting called to order at 7:04pm

2. Approval of minutes from March 22, 2016 meeting – Approved. Danielle to submit for the CFAS website.

3. CFAS 2017 speakers for NSIG and con-current session

Deidre Bainbridge – NP, sexual assault nurse examiner, speaker for self-care talk
Jennifer Fitzgerald – a naturopath from Conceive Health in Toronto
Mireille Moreau – a dietician from the Montfort Hospital family medicine team

4. CFAS 2016 recap-? NSIG luncheon
The speakers are already confirmed, and our ART Day speaker Eleanor Rivoir is performing both the talk and the round table discussions. She will be awarded a $1000 honorarium, and her travel and one night hotel costs will be covered from the NSIG budget.
Danielle and Shafiqa (has yet to confirm) will be travelling to Toronto for an NSIG meeting with Mark Evans regarding the development of a Canadian nurse certification through the CFAS. Their travel and 1x night hotel will be covered from the NSIG budget.
The luncheon last year was well attended and the NSIG commented that the event was thoroughly enjoyed. We would like to host this again. Danielle volunteered to organize again, and we will wait until closer to the CFAS meeting to do so. Last year’s luncheon was just over $1300. We would expect costs and attendance to be higher for this year’s event in Toronto.
Since the ART Day starts at 730am-12pm this year. Heather Brooks to notify Eleanor of the early time frame. The potential is to have our NSIG luncheon directly after the NSIG speaker and AGM.

5. Next NSIG teleconference is July 12 at 7pm.

6. New Business – We have just under $3000 remaining in NSIG budget for this year.

Eileen mentioned that her clinic just recently had to certify in ACLS. They found a great trainer Mark Mensour, their website: Suggested topics for webinar: “pre-arrest” topics like how best to use narcan, when to start,what max dose etc; management of anaphylaxis, recovery room issues.
All agreed the idea is strong. We need to find out through Natalia what CFAS has set-up for capabilities regarding webinars, and if they have a system that can record for use to those who cannot attend. It is difficult to organize national education sessions due to the time differences. It was suggested that most nurses attend if their clinics host the webinars over lunch hours.

Heather Brooks recently met Jennifer McDowall, OFC’s research manager, and had mentioned that NSIG members might be interested in hearing some research related education from Jennifer. Rather than waiting until the 2018 conference, Danielle suggested that we could consider it as a webinar if the webinar option works for the ACLS session.

Eileen to touch base with Natalia regarding setting a webinar up.

Heather Brooks discussed that Mark Evans wanted to know what National fertility related bodies/references/resources we might use. SOGC, CNA and professional nursing bodies, ASRM, fertility journals were mentioned.

The new CFAS website is up. Heather mentioned the document revision template is posted, which is something we need in order to update our terms of reference finally. To be re-visited at our next NSIG teleconference.

7. Meeting ended at 7:53pm


Attendees: Laura, Alisha, Heather, Eileen and Danielle

  • Meeting called to order 7:05pm
  • Welcome and Introductions –
    • Alisha new to the committee, Nursing Coordinator at Conceptia, 6mos
    • Laura – Trio in TO, RPN, 1yr fertility experience
  • Review of SIG Chairs meeting
    • Sept 14-16, 2017 in Vancouver, “Healthy body, Health baby”
    • Speakers Ideas: Jacque Dugay – Toronto (previous speaker at CFAS) (Heather)
    • Dietician (Danielle) & natural path (Laura)
    • Take care of nurses (ourselves) in order to take care of other people – Eileen to contact resources perhaps through sexual assault centres
    • Danielle to reach out to Heather L who recently moved to Vancouver and is working at Olive. Local speakers will be more cost effective.
  • Eleanor Rivoire – Patient centred care speaker for 2016 ART Day, travel costs plus $1000 (from NSIG budget) Approved by committee due to quality of speaker and will occupy the entire NSIG ART Day presentation and round table discussions.
  • Sub-committees and committees for new members
    • Laura – Education chair – will lead our NSIG regional meeting next year (use ASIG template of a regional meeting)
    • Standards committee – we will need to redo our current standards into the new CFAS format.
    • Alisha will join as a sub-committee member for both standards and education as she is needed.
  • February 22 meeting minutes approved – Danielle to send to Natalia for the website
    • Follow-up from last meeting: Danielle emailed Natalia re: Listserv and she provided an external contact. Danielle to email and follow-up at the next NSIG teleconference.
    • Danielle did send out Abstract reminder to NSIG for Best Nurse poster award
  • Next meeting scheduled for April 19th at 7pm.
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:46pm

NSIG Meeting Minutes Sept 2, 2015

Attendees: Danielle Dubois, Heather Brooks, Eileen MacMahon

Absent: Shira Benson

Meeting called to order at 19:30.

  1. CFAS – Thursday Oct. 1st – ART Day

1300 NSIG Session: First will start with Business meeting – approx. 20min. Exec members to make a report for the business meeting. Heather to follow-up with Shira re: Spring Education Day for NSIG members – speak towards this topic at the business meeting.

ART Day – Honorariums for the following two speakers:

Dara Roth-Edney– Importance of counseling

Danielle Dubois- Program Evaluation

Danielle will contact Christian about creating honorarium cheques for these two speakers, value $500 each. To be picked up by Heather at the check-in desk during CFAS registration. This $1000 has already been considered within our annual budget.

ART Day should finish around the break time of approximately 1500.

Saturday NSIG Session: Amira, Sherry & Eileen are the three speakers. These talks sponsored by CFAS.

  1. Follow-up in regards to reach out to NSIG members. The board declined the idea of an Edible Arrangement and card to members. They emphasized the need for educational value to spend the NSIG budget on.

Idea: At CFAS, host a Thursday Oct 1st lunch for the NSIG to meet and greet. We could ask Joan to speak as a motivational talk towards fertility nurses, or Heather has the history of NSIG as a possible back-up talk.

Location: Salties was presented as an option.

Time: 11am – 1pm.

Danielle to contact locations, seek feasibility/availability/budget, and submit proposal to Christian. Danielle will report back to Heather and committee once she hears back from Christian.

  1. Val Wilkie has been approved to receive the Care and Life award but she will not be able to attend. Heather will receive on her behalf.
  2. No further agenda items at this time. All committee members satisfied with teleconference.

Meeting adjourned at 19:52.

NSIG Meeting Minutes June 16, 2015

Present: Eileen McMahon, Danielle Dubois, Heather Brooks, Shira Benson

Meeting called to order at 19:06.

  1. Update: Cathie Dwyer resigned from the NSIG via email.

Heather B will include a request for a new membership chair in CFAS newsletter, due tomorrow.

  1. Terms of Reference – proposed changes were declined from board as they are developing a template for all SIG ToRs. This template is to be forwarded to Heather B shortly. Danielle will put our ToR into the template when available and re-submit to the board.
  2. Meeting Minutes from May 14, 2015 approved. Danielle will submit to Natalia for posting onto our website.
  3. 2016 CFAS Conference speaker options discussed for the NSIG Concurrent Sessions
    1. Andrea Braverman – recruited by the counselling SIG
    2. Schroder (Kingston) for Breaking Bad News. Already has a fertility talk developed, excellent speaker. Danielle will forward her bio to Heather B.
    3. Heather B will contact CNO regarding a speaker, their availability and topic options. Possibility of a lawyer and malpractice discussion.
    4. Genetic counseling, PGS Jill Davies (genetic counsellor at Medcan clinic). Shira to send contact info to Heather B.
    5. Heather B will submit Mark Hughs names for an all CFAS member speaker.
  4. Committee Reports
    1. Education: Shira to still touch base with Christian planning and logistics of a 2016 Symposium for NSIG members & all fertility nurses. Possibility of pharma to fund travel to the educational event?
    2. Standards: Eileen had to re-copy all existing standards into word documents. She is now checking all references, as some links are not working. Group members who reviewed standards only made minimal suggestions. Work to be continued.
    3. Treasurer: update on budget. Still approximately $3000 for NSIG to spend prior to the annual meeting. Suggestions re: cross Canada teleconference ie: Q&A for members. Also suggested was a mailout of an edible arrangement with NSIG info on it to NSIG members and hopefully attempt to recruit new NSIG members. Danielle to contact Natalia for clinic names and numbers where NSIG members are located. Danielle to provide an estimated budget for this plan prior to proceeding with it.
  5. New business
    1. Danielle heard from two sources that CFAS endorsed Serono’s ABC Fertility Nurse program. NSIG was unaware of this. Heather B to email Christian regarding what is the process for endorsing an education program.
  6. Next teleconference meeting will be July 22 at 7pm EST.

Meeting adjourned at 20:00.

NSIG Meeting Minutes – May 14, 2015 19:00

Attendees: Danielle Dubois, Heather Brooks, Eileen McMahon, Shira Benson

Missing: Cathie Dwyer

  1. Meeting was called to order at 19:10.
  2. Meeting minutes from February 7th approved by all four executive members.

Action Item Updates from Feb 7th meeting minutes:

  1. Cathie has not yet reached out to Canadian wide managers to determine estimate for total fertility nurses in Canada
  2. Mass communique still to be sent out to all NSIG members
  3. Heather B approached Cristian about “Non-MD” language for membership and the annual meeting registration, we wanted “nurse” language. Heather was informed this was not an important change for them and declined looking into it further.
  4. Danielle’s action items will be discussed within her Treasurer report.
  5. Heather B ask about past award recipients being on the website, however there wasn’t a recipient last year. Chair of NSIG does sit on the selection committee for the Care and Life Awards.
  6. Danielle and Dr. Leader will contribute to Heather B’s nomination of Valerie Wilkie for the Care award this year. (Update after meeting occurred: these documents were submitted to Heather B and the nomination was sent in).
  7. Danielle has Natalia’s contact information – she is the one to post our meeting minutes on the website. (Update after meeting occurred: Feburary 7th, 2015 meeting minutes are now posted on the website).
  8. All ideas for projects or learning opportunities for the NSIG and spending over our budget must be circulated for approval through the board of directors.
    1. This is the information from Natalia at CFAS re: submitting requests for projects above our NSIG budget. This would be submitted as a project. I would ask the SIG to send me an email/word document with the following information:
      1. What is the theme of the event
      2. What are the learning objectives
  • What will be the talks/subjects
  1. List the suggested speakers you wish to invite should the project be approved
  2. What is the budget needed
  3. Around what date did you have in mind for the project

New Action Items:

  • Heather B to get list of members from Christian to give to Eileen so she can send a new fluid survey out – what do they want
  • Heather B will send Christian’s email responses to the committee addressing questions from last meeting minutes
  • Heather B to send Natalia a newsletter – we will reach out to new committee members

Education Report Update– Shira:

Eileen will speak on Saturday (Nurses Concurrent Session), Theresa has been recruited as a speaker on the ART Day.

Shira will discuss with Christian about planning Symposium Day – Clinical Day in the GTA. Investigate obtaining CME approval so MDs would attend. Spring 2016. Pharma to sponsor?

Standards Committee Update– Eileen:

  • Lost two members. Two members did review standards.
  • NSIG Business meeting – Eileen to report new standards and present to group at CFAS
  • Heather and Shira to join as sub-committee for standards

Treasurer Committee – Danielle:

Email Shira Natalia’s info on project requests so she can submit the “Symposium Day” idea (Update after meeting: this was sent to Shira).

Eileen to send Danielle the rough notes on changes to the old Terms of Reference (ToR) (Update after meeting: done). Danielle to email Natalia a document listing the changes to the ToR so June 5 Board of Directors can review and approve (Update after meeting: this has been done, we will await their response)

Natalia informed Danielle that regular teleconferences for our meetings cost $20. Danielle will incorporate into the budget.

Annual budget for NSIG is $5000. Dates for budget run from annual meeting to annual meeting. There is no carry over if funds aren’t used. We do not have the previous years’ budgets and neither does Natalia.

2015 Meeting – Halifax: NSIG Executive will have their Business Meeting over lunch on the ART Professional’s Day (Thursday Oct 1st). Heather B to book a room at the meeting. It was agreed that an honorarium will be given from the NSIG budget for our guess speakers on the ART Professional’s Day.

2016 – Heather Shapiro (chair) for meeting. Committee met in March. Theme: Fertility Care: Personalized Medicine. It will be a Thursday to Saturday. No opening ceremonies, no lunch, no Sunday. NSIG needs to submit by Feb/Mar 2016 our speaker list. We will add this as an agenda item for the CFAS Exec meeting.

Next teleconference meeting to follow-up on action items: June 16 at 7pm.

Meeting Adjourned at 20:18.

NSIG Executive Meeting Feb 7, 2015 – Minutes

Attendees: Shira Benson, Heather Brooks, Eileen McMahon, Danielle Dubois

  1. The Executive Committee was called to order, introductions were made, and a brief history of the NSIG was provided by Heather Brooks. The NSIG was established in 2004 during the CFAS Annual Meeting in Jasper Alberta.
  2. The Exec Committee was tasked with the review of the Terms of Reference. They were developed in 2005 with no further amendments. The revised Terms of Reference will be circulated back to the Exec for approval before they are submitted to the CFAS board of directors.

Summary of some changes and action items:

  1. Remove the CFAS general terms of purpose from our NSIG Terms of Reference. CFAS vision, mission and values can be found on the website.
  2. We will outreach to Admin SIG to possibly survey all the clinic managers about how many nurses are currently working in all the fertility centres across Canada – Cathie the membership committee chair will take the lead on this. Heather B will send Cathie the template she can use for a membership letter.
  3. Idea to ask admin managers to ask their nurses’ permission to allow NSIG to send them a mass communique about why to join the NSIG. Cathie to take the lead.
  4. Approach Christian about putting Nursing specific pricing on the Membership Fee page of CFAS, rather than just ‘Non-MD’. Refer to SOGC website. Heather B to take lead.
  5. Heather B will request Christian to provide Danielle financial statements for the NSIG.
  6. Danielle will create a spreadsheet and keep a running tally for our budget and will report at our quarterly meetings. Heather B to find out what our fiscal year is.
  7. Each SIG has $5000, but some can exceed with their pot. All extra funds can be approved from the CFAS Executive.
  8. Obtain yearend financial statements from CFAS to understand how much funding was left from the SIGs last year – Heather B to ask Christian. Committee also suggested to ask to post online because most of other similar organizations do post their financials for stakeholders.
  9. There is no longer a CFAS Industry Liaison Committee. This was removed from the Terms of Reference.
  10. We changed voting majority to 50% +1.
  11. Ask why the recipients of awards are not posted on the website and ensure they can give a speech at CFAS during their receipt of their award. Heather B to ask Christian.
  12. NSIG Exec unanimously agreed that we will be nominating Val Wilkie for the Care and Life Award.
  13. Heather B to confirm with Christian that the NSIG Chair sits on Care and Life Award committee
  14. Heather B to send Danielle Natalia’s contact information so she can put the meeting minutes on the website.
  15. Each meeting should approve previous meeting minutes.
  16. Exec positions will be 3yrs, committee members will be 2years.
  17. Bylaws changed to Terms of Reference
  18. Standards are under guidelines for NSIG on the website. All these documents need to be reviewed by the Standards Committee Chair – Eileen and her two committee members. Heather B to email Eileen their contact information.
  19. Heather B will ask Francine if she has the old standards poll results to determine if any needs were identified from members that were not addressed in the original Standards. Eileen will use Fluid survey to create a new survey to send out to the current CFAS nursing members.
  20. A subcommittee chair or exec committee will have one ASRM member who will act as liaison between CFAS and ASRM nurses. Currently Cathie is a member and will be asked to occupy this role.
  21. Heather B to approach Christian about ability of NSIG to use presentations at a fertility centre for their members to participate via webinar. Would there be a conflict of interest if the presentation was already set-up and sponsored by pharma?
  22. If anyone finds any online relevant educational opportunities that NSIG members could benefit from, they are to email to Shira.

Other Business Arising:

  1. The committee felt the NSIG goals were well reflected within the Terms of Reference and that each committee has a goal to meet their terms of reference.
  2. One speaker remaining to be filled at this year’s CFAS NSIG Concurrent session, Shira will ask Joan Aukland to be our guest speaker.
  3. Exec meetings will be quarterly – one at CFAS, one in person, others through teleconference. If subcommittees with multiple members needs help organizing through teleconference their own meetings, to request help from Heather B. Teleconference calls come out of our NSIG budget. Heather B to let Danielle know teleconference fees to take out of budget
  4. Heather B to ask Christian if Eileen can attend CFAS with CFAS funding because she will be on leave from her work.
  5. At the CFAS meeting we will ask for a room so the NSIG Exec committee can meet during the Annual Meeting (AM). We will also ensure to have time for a NSIG members meeting during the AM.
  6. Heather B will follow-up with Debbie Davies at Create re: Nursing Certification program
    1. CNA – what is minimum number of nurses to make it an RN(c)?
  7. Danielle will approach two OFC nurses in regards to joining the membership committee with Cathie.

Meeting Adjourned. Executive committee to reconvene through teleconference on May 14th at 7pm EST. Heather B to send teleconference details.

Teleconference – NSIG November 18, 2014 at 19:00


Heather Brooks – chair

Shira – education committee chair

Cathy – Mount Sinai

Jackie – Saskatchewan

Danielle – Ottawa


Heather – Isis

Melanie – education committee with Shira?

  1. The Treasurer position was combined with the Secretary. Danielle was acclaimed to the position.

$5000 annual budget was discussed – Danielle will speak to Mark Evans (CFAS Exec treasurer)

  1. Positions still currently available are Membership Committee Chair and Standards Committee Chair (Jackie will be on this committee as a member + Exec will be on the Standards Committee as well)
  2. There has been a lack of interest in the NSIG positions in the past, most positions have been by acclamation as there is not enough interest for a vote.
  3. There remains a 30min time spot available for the 2015 annual meeting ART day. Shira to consider a potential candidate.
  4. CFAS new website is likely going to launch in January. This will eventually also include a Newsletter and Blog.
  5. Education Ideas discussed: Webinars – to be assessed if nurses want this form of education. What topics do they want? Would they attend during work hours? At our January meeting we will come up with the survey questions to poll the NSIG members.

It was asked if we could pursue developing a fertility nurse certification program through the NSIG, similar to the ART Lab. A few concerns that prevented this initiative before is that the CNO-requires certain amount of nurses as members before allowing for formal certification, and the NSIG does not have enough members. Who else has the authority to certify for this program?

Consideration for endorsing the ASRM certificate program will be considered by the group.

  1. The NSIG Committee Meeting will be in Toronto (either in Shira’s or Heather’s boardroom) – purpose of the meeting – standards,/bilaws review, create poll to send out ie: what do nurses want to see re: education, webinars, etc.
  2. Ottawa – Danielle to ask Ottawa nurses if they would like to be members for one of the committees?
  3. Heather will send out an Email with everyone’s contact information (email addresses) so the committee can touch base. The option of a Linked In community group was proposed for the future.

Teleconference ended before 20:00

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Hilton Bonaventure Hotel, Montreal, QC

I. NSIG Executive Changes
Janice Copeland introduced the current executive members and the changeover that will be effective as of this date. The new executive consists of:

  • Valerie Wilkie – incoming NSIG chair
  • Jackie McVee – incoming co-chair
  • Lillian Noble – incoming secretary
  • Francine Belisle – standing Standards committee chair
  • Heather Brooks – standing Membership committee chair
  • Shira Benson – Incoming Education committee chair
  • Janice Copeland – outgoing chair (now “past-chair”)

Janice proposed an amendment to the NSIG bylaws to add the position of “Past Chair” to the executive committee. The duties of the position are 1) to support the duties of the chair and co-chair, and 2) to review the bylaws and recommend amendments. This was passed by a majority show of hands.

It was noted that the executive holds monthly teleconferences.

II. Abstract/Research Committee

Due to the low number of nursing abstracts that have been submitted to this meeting in the last few years, NSIG has not been included in the review/scoring of abstracts. Dr. Tom Hannam (CFAS Secretary/Treasurer) selects groups of 3 reviewers (balance of clinical and scientific) to review and score a series of abstracts. He explained to Janice that if there were sufficient numbers of nursing abstracts (ie 15 or 20) it would warrant a nurse to participate in the process. He assured Janice that the few nursing abstracts that are submitted are judged fairly through this process.

Discussion ensued about possible reasons for the low number of nursing abstracts – with the British Fertility Society Nurse exchange prize no longer available, this may be a significant deterrent. It was noted that the reason for the prize being discontinued was the BFS pulling out due to low numbers of abstracts submitted to them.

Another point raised is that NSIG is currently the largest SIG in terms of membership and therefore should be included in abstract review. The executive will continue this discussion with the CFAS Board.

Addendum – following the meeting, Kelly Gray offered to stand as Abstract/research committee chair and Terri Bloski also offered to assist. They will act as mentors to nurses who are interested in doing a project etc.

III. Standards Committee

Francine Belisle presented examples of the Practice Standards that will be circulated to NSIG membership once final references have been added.

The first standard, “First Assessment of Individuals Presenting for Fertility Treatment” is posted on the NSIG page of the CFAS website. There are 7 more in the draft stage that will be circulated for review/comment before then being submitted to the CFAS board for approval before being posted on the website. These are:

a) The Scope of AHR (assisted human reproduction) Nursing Practice
b) Nursing Management of OHSS
c) Performing IUI
d) Nursing Management of the IVF Process
e) Nursing Management of Patients Undergoing Conscious Sedation
f) Nursing Role and Management of Telephone/Telepractice
g) Nursing Management of Post-treatment BhCG levels

Dr. Elinor Wilson had suggested that the committee develop a model depicting “The Patient’s Journey Through Fertility Treatment”. The draft model has been useful in identifying barriers that patients encounter throughout their path through treatment. It also highlights the role that nurses play in being primary contacts and support to couples.

It was noted that this committee has worked very diligently since 2006 on the development of these guidelines. They have been supported by AHRC to meet 3 times since September 2008 for face-to-face workshops. As there is very little nursing literature to provide eeference, a large part of the guidelines are consensus-based. It was noted that as nursing scope of practice may vary from province to province (and territories), these guidelines are meant to be used as a resource from which clinics may adapt for their own use.

A “Needs Assessment” was sent to NSIG members in September 2009 to ask for ideas for future guideline development. Popular suggestions were Nursing Role in Sperm Retrieval Procedures, Injection Teaching, Nursing Role in Donor Egg and Gestational Carrier Treatment. Janice noted that the Andrology SIG (primary urologists) are going to develop a clinical guideline for sperm retrieval so we may want to wait until that is finished to write a nursing guideline.

Committee members: Francine Belisle (chair), Julie Fisher, Julie Mercier, Judy Renwick, Heather Reese, Shira Benson, Valerie Wilkie, Jackie McVee, Heather Brooks, Brenda McFalls, Janice Copeland.

IV. Distance Learning

Jackie McVee discussed the low attendance at the 10 Distance Learning session which was Dr. Art Leader presenting Age and Infertility. It was an excellent web-based presentation but unfortunately there were few people registered and fewer actually signed in. These sessions cost CFAS a considerable amount of money, particularly for booking the phone lines for each expected participant. The group was asked for feedback as to potential reasons for diminishing participation – bad time of day? nurses too busy? different format? It was mentioned that participation was high when the sessions were open to non-CFAS members. However, one purpose of providing the education sessions is to encourage CFAS membership and provide more value to members.

Suggestions for future sessions were:
a) Ask “pharma” to be involved in promoting the sessions
b) Partner with other SIG’s for topics and a larger audience
c) Have sessions “pod casted” so that participants can do at their convenience. This would omit audience question and answer however
d) Impose a fee for non-member participants – their participation may lead to membership

As Jackie is moving into the Co-chair position, Shira Benson offered to assume the Education Chair position.

V. Membership

Heather Brooks discussed the issue of NSIG membership dropping from 80 members to about 60 in the last 2 years. A “show of hands” indicated that a number of nurses will join just prior to the annual meeting if they know they have the opportunity to attend the meeting. Also some nurses are not aware that annual membership is from January to
December, therefore if a person joins in October or November, their membership must be renewed in January.

Heather outlined benefits of membership:

  • Distance Learning sessions and other CFAS educational offerings
  • Networking nationally and internationally
  • Pride in our sub-specialty (access to ART Nursing Guidelines)
  • Having a voice within CFAS

With the large number of nurses within the field of ART, we have the potential to be more influential in the activities of CFAS.

Janice reported that a recommendation was brought up at CFAS Board and Advisory Group meeting on November 17 by Dr. Al Yuzpe. He suggested that CFAS offer a “clinic membership” ie clinic Medical Directors can provide names of employees who are interested in a membership and the fee will be reduced by 10%. The inference was that
individual clinics may provide the membership as a “perk”. This suggestion was voted on and approved by the Board.

Please watch for an announcement in the New Year and inquire about your clinic’s participation!!

VI. Other Business

The group was reminded that the structure of the CFAS Board was changed last year. Due to the increasing number of Special Interest Groups (about 10), the SIG chairs no longer sit on the Board but comprise an “Advisory Group”. SIG chairs will be included in Board discussions/decisions that affect them directly and will be invited to attend the Annual Board meeting (but not the mid-year meeting). They also sit on the Scientific Planning Committee that plans the sessions for future annual meetings (usually 2 years later).

Members were asked to sign their name if they are interested in participating in an NSIG committee. They will be contacted by committee chairs.

Joan Auckland thanked the executive and committee members for their work over the past year.

Meeting adjourned at 4:20 pm.

Wednesday, April, 2008, at 1900 hrs EST

Attendance: Janice Copeland, Julie Fisher, Francine Bélisle-Giuliani, Shirley-Ann Hahn Regrets: Val Wilkie, Jackie McVee, Heather Brooks

I. Val Wilkie will be attending the Counsellors Special Interest Group (CSIG) workshop to be held at Mount Sinai Hospital on May 1st and 2nd. A member from our NSIG group was invited to attend the second day of their workshop as an observer along with Eleanor Wilson from AHRC.

*The CSIG members are meeting to set up their groups practice guidelines. They will be review guidelines for third party counselling and Donor Egg patients.

II. The group reviewed the Nursing Assessment Guideline produces by our Standards committee. Julie Fisher suggested a component on Partner Violence. Violence in the environment should definitely be implemented in the assessment guideline. The group agreed it was extremely important. Francine will take this suggestion back to the Standards committee for implementation.

*Next meeting for the Standard Committee – Thursday April 17, 2008

III. Next Distance Learning Session will be held on April 30, 2008. We do not know how many members have registered. Janice will ask Jackie and Kelly (CFAS) to send out reminders weekly for the registration of the distance learning session.

Janice reported the ASIG – Distance Education Meeting held on April 1/08 was held via web conference. Kelly (CFAS) had sent out a PDF version of the slides to registered members ahead of the conference. There were some technical difficulties; however, Janice reported the presentation was very informative.

IV. British Fertility Exchange. – Robin Brooks-Sheriff will be attending the British Fertility Conference in Liverpool this September.

Janice will draft a letter to be sent to the British NSIG group. The letter will be sent to encourage a warm relationship between our NSIG group and the British NSIG group. We hope to encourage their nurses to participate in the exchange to enable us to continue to develop our relationship and to show them the great opportunity to network and connect with our nurses in Canada.

V. NSIG – Janice will ask that our Nursing Position Statement be reviewed at the next Board Meeting to be held via teleconference on Wednesday, May 28/08. Janice will send a copy to Warren Foster prior to the meeting for his review first.

The next meeting will be Tuesday May 13th, 2008

Minutes submitted by: Shirley-Ann Hahn, Secretary, CFAS NSIG

Wednesday, January 16, 2008, at 1900 hrs EST

Regrets: Julie Fisher, Heather Brooks, Val Wilkie

I. Annual Budget

Needs to be submitted by Friday January 25, 2008 to Janice for the Board Meeting February 1, 2008. Jackie McVee will be sending the Budget for the Distance Education to CFAS office as part of the Continuing Education Committee Budget

The budget will include the costs for our speakers at our Annual CFAS meeting 2008. The speakers lined up are: Sara Thorn – “Risk Communication” and Mark Evans “Implementing Change in ART Clinics.” The meeting will be a joint seminar with CFAS, NSIG and ASIG groups.


Janice C. and France B. were asked to participate in a working group which includes members from the AHRC to review both clinic and CFAS data management practices. The group is called “The CARTR Working Group.” The groups objectives are: The Working Group will review, evaluate and make recommendations for improvement of the Canadian Assisted Reproduction Technologies Registry (CARTR), in the interest of providing high quality reporting information on ART activities and meeting the regulatory requirement of Assisted Human Reproduction Canada (AHRC).

Members include:

Mike Neal (Centre for Reproductive Care)
Scott Hamilton (ISIS)
Leslie Garan (Stats Canada)
Bill Maga ( AHRC Strategic Survey Planning Committee)
Joanne Gunby (CARTR)
Ron Zapp – Facilitator (Contracted by AHRC to lead the group)

The group is meeting to share ideas for data management and to assess and implement new data management technologies as they become available.

III. Position Statement

The position statement is now in Draft 3. Francine. B. has a few more edits to do and then she will send out to the committee for approval. We would like Janice to be able to present the statement to the CFAS Board for their meeting to be held February 1, 2008.

IV. Scientific Program Planning-2009 Annual Meeting

Each SIG group will have their own session. We will ask Robin Brooks-Sherrif from Calgary to do a workshop on Intimate Partner Violence. Initially, the group wanted this to be part of the CFAS 2008 Annual Meeting in Calgary, however we are waiting for further feedback from Dr. Warren Foster (CFAS-President).

V. Reports from the Sub-Committee Leaders

Jackie McVee – CPD: Registration for the Distance Education will be going to members later this week Francine Belisle-Giuliani – Standards Committee: Reported Judy Renwick has volunteered to review all documents for Female assessment. She will provide a short synopsis for the committee for the February meeting. The committee is hoping to move forward with an outline for members to be able to follow in their own clinics.

Heather Brooks – Membership: Janice reported that the group needs some help, as they are only two. Janice will ask Val Wilkie and Shira Benson to see if they are interested to help.

The meeting ended at 19:52 hrs

Minutes submitted by: Shirley-Ann Hahn, Secretary, CFAS NSIG

Wednesday, September 26, 2007, at 13:00 hrs AST
Marriott Harbourfront Hotel, Acadia C, Halifax, NS

I. Call to Order

Julie Fisher called to order the 3rd Annual Meeting of the Nurses Special Interest Group at 13:00 hrs on Wednesday September 26, 2007 in Acadia Room C at the CFAS Annual Meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

II. Introduction of New Members

Julie Fisher will be stepping down from her role as the NSIG chairperson as her 3-year term has ended. Due to our co-chair Susan Wilson leaving the Society to pursue other nursing adventures, Janice Copeland will be acting as our new Chairperson. The NSIG group wishes Susan Wilson all the best in her new role.

Shirley-Ann Hahn was introduced as our new NSIG Secretary.

We currently have 81 nurses on the CFAS-NSIG group.

III. Nominations for New Co-Chairperson

Nominations for a new co-chairperson were sent out to the group. We have 4 members whose names were brought forth for nominations:

  1. Val Wilkie
  2. Eleanor Scharfe
  3. Jackie McVee
  4. Kelly Gray

Members have been asked to present to the NSIG group a document on the Vision and Direction they would provide to the NSIG. This will be sent to all members of CFAS-NSIG for nominations by ballot.

IV. New Business

a) Strategic Planning Retreat- Held in Toronto on April 14,2007. Members from many IVF centres participated in the retreat.

Objective – To Build Clear Strategies for Establishing NSIG.

Vision – Promote excellence and provide leadership in the evolving field of ART nursing.

Mission – ART nurses will provide patient care based on collaboration, education and research.

Value Statement – ART nurses will provide care that is safe, ethical, accountable, and respectful and evidence based.

SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats)

i) Objectives :

  1. Improve Relationships
  2. Leadership Roles
  3. Develop Nursing Standards
  4. Continuing Education
  5. Membership

1) Improving Relationships – There is a strong nursing representation on each committee in the CFAS:

  • Membership – Janice Copeland
  • Industry Liaison – Brenda McFalls
  • Government Relations Committee – Janice Copeland
  • CPD – Jackie McVee
  • Abstract Review Committee – Susan Gascoyne
  • Newsletter – Shirley-Ann Hahn

2) Leadership Roles – Julie Fisher (lead)

Reported the membership numbers on NSIG have improved; we currently have 81 members. Our group has the highest increasing numbers as compared to all other CFAS SIGs.

Access to the new CFAS-website for the NSIG group is done via the link on the old CFAS website. Our Mission statement has not been added to the new CFAS site yet as it is a costly endeavor.

3) Standards Committee – Francine Belisle (lead)

Needs assessment survey was sent to all IVF centres in January 2007 and again in May 2007 with a very poor response from centres. The first standard the group is working on is the Fertility Assessment of the Female Patient. Francine reported the group is having difficulties defining a standard. The group will look at avenues to link with the AWHONN or CNA. to utilize standards already developed for Female Reproductive Assessment.

The standards committee will also look at partnering with the Physician group who has just developed a Standards committee.

4) Education Committee – Jackie McVee (lead)

Continue to provide education opportunities via teleconference for the NSIG group. Partnership with other CFAS SIG groups for CPD.

Continuing Professional Development sessions planned:

October 30, 2007 at 19:00 EST – “Challenges and Pitfalls of PGD” speakers Dr. Dawn Kelk and Dr. Jeff Nisker
Feb 5, 2008 – “Genetic Counselling issues pertaining to ART”
April 30, 2008 – “ART Healthcare with private practice” Speakers – Dr. Al Yuzpe

CFAS office will be sending out reminders to all CFAS SIG members for registration. Certificates will only be given to CFAS Members who register for the program.

CFAS – Abstract review – Sue Gascoyne (lead)

There were 21 abstracts submitted to this year’s Annual meeting.
The NSIG member who wins the BFS award will be next year’s representative on the abstract review committee.

5) Membership Committee – Janice Copeland (lead)

The group will be developing a flyer to be sent to all IVF centres to assist in the recruitment of new members. Janice will provide to the group ideas and pictures we could use on the poster. Any suggestions for the poster are to be emailed to Janice Copeland. If we choose to use pictures of members, a consent form will need to be signed allowing CFAS to use them on both the poster and the CFAS website.

CFAS office may be able to offer a complimentary 1-year membership to the NSIG member who has solicited the most new memberships. An area on the application form will ask the new member the name of the person who encouraged them to apply for membership.

The group would like a key person from each IVF centre to liaise with the membership committee to help recruit new members.

A welcome letter is sent to new members with our Mission and Value statement.

IV. Adjournment

Julie Fisher adjourned the meeting at 1400 hrs.

14:00 – 14:15 BFS Exchange Speaker – Nicola McKay “Seeking Treatment Abroad”
14:30 – 15:00 Nursing Research Course – Facilitator Angie Baerwald

Minutes submitted by: Shirley-Ann Hahn, Secretary, CFAS NSIG