Terms of Reference



February 21, 2017

1.MISSION AND VISION (from strategic plan)

The ART Laboratory Special Interest Group (ART Lab SIG) is a body of both clinical and research andrology and embryology laboratory professionals interested in the upgrading of knowledge and skills relevant to their area of practice. Professional knowledge is a dynamic, ongoing process, which enhances problem-solving skills, bolsters credibility and ensures that quality care is paramount.

The ART Lab SIG recognizes the CFAS Mission and Vision, and adopts the following vision, mission and value statement for the SIG, consistent with the CFAS statements:

Promoting Excellence in Assisted Reproduction

To advance reproductive science and medicine in Canada through leadership, research and guidance

The mandate of the ART Laboratory Special Interest Group (ART Lab SIG) is to foster consistent evidence-based improvements in assisted reproduction; to promote continuing education, professional development and cooperation of ART Laboratory Professionals.


2.1 All CFAS members in good standing who choose the ART Lab SIG as their primary or secondary area of interest will be granted membership in the ART Lab SIG upon request.

2.2 Active members shall receive all general communication questionnaires, newsletters or other ART Lab SIG publications as well as have access to all ART Lab SIG continuing education activities.


3.1 Members in arrears may be reinstated to good standing upon the payment of the current year’s annual dues.

3.2 The CFAS will bill and collect annual membership dues.

3.3 The CFAS will maintain financial records for the ART Lab SIG.

3.4 The CFAS will assume the cost of necessary basic office services, printing and postage.

3.5 The CFAS will assume financial responsibility for all courses or continuing education activities approved or sanctioned by the CFAS, provided that the budget is approved in advance.  The ART Lab SIG will not share any profits or losses from these activities.

3.6 Requests for additional funding from CFAS and/or sponsorship from external sources shall only be made by the SIG chair, and require specific discussion with the CFAS Executive Director and prior approval by the CFAS Board of Directors.

3.7 The ART Lab SIG must not attempt to raise funds from industry by independent solicitation.


4.1 The ART Lab SIG shall hold an election for the Executive roles once every three years for all roles except for the Chair. An election will be held for the future Chair two years into their term. A Chair Elect position will be voted in by members in good standing prior to the last year of the current Chair term in order to provide continuity in the vision and progression of the SIG. Chair Elect will become Chair upon conclusion of the current Chair’s term

4.2 Each member of the elected Executive shall serve a Term of three years, and no member of the Executive shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the same role, unless the request for a member of the Executive to serve a third term is approved by the CFAS Board before the election.

4.3 At any meeting of ART Lab SIG members, every ART Lab SIG member shall be entitled to vote in person or via a written proxy provided to another member in attendance.

4.4 A quorum of a simple majority of ART Lab SIG members, including a majority of the Executive, is required to conduct the affairs of the ART Lab SIG.

4.5 All motions shall require a 2/3 (two thirds) majority vote of the members present plus proxies, to pass.

4.6 Any motion declared lost shall not be reintroduced at the same meeting.

4.7 Election of the Executive shall be held at or in anticipation of the Annual General Meeting.  Election of the Executive can also be conducted by mail in such manner as the Executive shall determine in co-ordination with the Executive Director.


5.1 A call for nominations to the positions available on the Executive Committee will be broadcast to the ART Lab SIG members by email and through the CFAS web site. Self -Nominations will be accepted if submitted within the appropriate time frame and in accordance with the stated process.

5.2 Nominations must be made by ART Lab SIG members in writing, sent by email, and must be received by the Chair. A nomination is not deemed to have been received unless receipt of the nomination is confirmed.

5.3 Elections will be held every three years, in accordance with a schedule determined by the Executive Director.

5.4 Each of the Chair, the Vice Chair and the Secretary/Treasurer shall serve a term of three (3) years. Subcommittee members can be appointed for terms of two or three years, as determined by the Executive.

5.5 The CFAS Board of Directors may remove any ART Lab SIG Executive Committee member for cause by 2/3 (two thirds) vote of all Directors then in office, provided that a statement of the reason or reasons shall have been delivered to the ART Lab SIG Executive Committee member proposed for removal at least thirty (30) days before any final action is taken by the Board. This statement shall be accompanied by a notice of the time when the Board is to take action on the removal.  The ART Lab SIG Executive Committee member shall be given an opportunity to be heard by the Board, and the matter shall be considered by the Board at the time mentioned in the notice.

5.6 Any vacancy occurring in the Executive may be filled by the affirmative vote of the majority of the ART Lab SIG executive. An Executive Member elected to fill the vacancy shall be elected for the unexpired term of his/her predecessor in office.


The ART Lab SIG is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of no less than five members

The ART Lab SIG Executive shall consist of Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, and Subcommittee chairs.  Only SIG members who choose the ART Lab SIG as their primary area of interest are eligible to serve on the ART Lab SIG Executive.  No member of the ART Lab SIG Executive shall purport to represent the CFAS in any type of communication or when speaking to members of the media without the express request of the Executive Director or a member of the Communications Committee.

6.1 SIG Chair – Powers and duties

  • Serves for a three-year term, and a maximum two consecutive terms.
  • Principal executive officer who shall supervise and control all administrative and business affairs of the ART Lab SIG.
  • Acts as the primary liaison with the CFAS President and Executive Director.
  • Meets with the CFAS Board of Directors to inform them of the ART Lab SIG’s activities, future plans and other areas of interest at or in anticipation of the Annual Meeting.
  • Provides an Annual Report to the CFAS Executive Director that summarizes the activities of the preceding year and states plans for the upcoming year.
  • Provides a quarterly report of ART Lab SIG activities for CFAS Board meetings, minutes of ART Lab SIG meetings, and general regular updates.
  • Submits requests or concepts for continuing education courses to the CFAS Executive or the Executive Director, and sits on the Scientific Committee.
  • Provides a list of nominees to serve on CFAS committees as requested by the CFAS President or the Executive Director.
  • Receives limited financial reporting.
  • The Past Chair shall be an honorary member of the Executive for a period to be decided by the Executive, but not less than one year. The Past Chair shall not have voting rights as a member of the Executive.

If the SIG chooses to have two Co-Chairs instead of a single Chair, the responsibilities of the Chair, as listed, shall be shared by the Co-Chairs as they so choose.

6.2 Vice-Chair – Powers and duties

  • Serves for a three-year term
  • Assumes the duties of the Chair in Chair’s absence.
  • Acts as an ex-officio member for all ART Lab SIG subcommittees.
  • Assists the Chair in preparing the ART Lab SIG Annual Report and term reports for the CFAS Board of Directors.

6.3 Secretary/Treasurer – Power and duties

  • Records and documents the Minutes of the ART Lab SIG Annual General Meeting and other interim meetings.
  • Maintains an archive of all meeting Minutes for ART Lab SIG records.
  • Circulates Minutes to ART Lab SIG membership and sends a copy to the CFAS Executive Director.
  • Generally maintains all books and records relevant to the ART Lab SIG.

6.4 Other Executive members:

  • The Chair of any SIG subcommittee shall be a member of the Executive.
  • A junior executive position is available to members who have less than three (3) years of clinical ART laboratory experience. The junior member is elected for a term of two (2) years.
  • The outgoing Chair will/may sit for one year as past-chair at the end of his/her term in office


7.1 The ART Lab SIG Chair shall act as the primary liaison with the CFAS President, and the Executive Director.

7.2 The Chair meets with the CFAS President and the Executive Director on an annual basis to discuss the SIG’s plans for the upcoming year.

7.3 The Chair will provide the Executive Director with news of developments within the field of the SIG membership as news comes to the attention of the Chair, with the intent that such news items can be distributed to the CFAS membership as a whole, included in a newsletter, referenced on the CFAS website or distributed by social media.

7.4 The Executive Committee must present an annual report detailing the activities of the SIG Annual report to the Board of Directors.

7.5 The Chair shall submit term reports to the President or the Executive Director three times per year, or as requested.

7.6 The Chair shall submit an annual budget to the President or the Executive Director for review and approval by January 31 of each year.


8.1 Standards Subcommittee mandate – Subcommittee chair will provide a quarterly written report to be submitted to the ART Lab SIG Chair for inclusion in the ART Lab SIG Report to the CFAS Executive Director.

8.2 Membership Subcommittee/Certification Subcommittee

8.3 Professional Development Subcommittee

8.4 Research/Abstract Review subcommittee

8.5 Guidelines Subcommittee mandate – Assists the CFAS Practice Guideline Committee in relevant position papers and Guidelines, as requested by the President and/or the Executive Director


9.1 Members resigning from a position on the ART Lab SIG Executive shall provide a written report to the Chair on the current status of their position within one month of resigning.

9.2 The ART Lab SIG Annual General Meeting will be held at the CFAS Annual Meeting.

9.3 All active members must be notified of a motion to dismantle the ART Lab SIG. A motion to dismantle must be passed at the Annual General Meeting.

9.4 The Terms of Reference shall be reviewed by the Executive on a regular basis, and a full review shall be conducted at least once every five (5) years. Any proposed revisions to the Terms of Reference shall be submitted to the Board of Directors prior to being distributed to or reviewed by the SIG members.


10.1 The creation of documents shall be effected in compliance with the CFAS Publication Policy, as such policy is updated from time to time.


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