Special Interest Groups

The Society is subdivided into different Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that reflect the diversity of its membership.

Each Special Interest Group is led by a Chair (and in some instances a Co-chair) whose task it is to stimulate scientific activities and promote ongoing education and professional development in their area of expertise.

To apply to form a new SIG, complete the New SIG Application Form and email  

Leadership and Management SIG

The Leadership and Management SIG aims to provide networking and educational opportunities for those hired to oversee business and administrative issues in IVF clinics.

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Andrology SIG

The aim of the Andrology SIG is to promote the field of Andrology and disseminate the latest advances in this area to Canadian clinicians, scientists and allied professionals working in reproductive biology.

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The aim of the ART Lab SIG is to foster consistent improvement in assisted conception outcomes in Canada by promoting the ongoing education of all ART laboratory scientists, and by encouraging practical cooperation between ART Laboratories.

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Counselling SIG

The Counselling Special Interest Group (CSIG) has been established to foster collaboration and exchange between Canadian counsellors working in this field, and to promote a high standard of professional counselling.

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Ethics and Law SIG

The Ethics and Law SIG is an interprofessional and interdisciplinary group made up of ethicists, lawyers, academics, clinicians, and other professionals who are committed to the ethical and legal provision of assisted reproduction in Canada.

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Fertility Preservation SIG

The Fertility Preservation SIG is a body of clinicians who provide fertility preservation services and counseling for women and men undergoing potentially sterilizing medical procedures.

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Genetics SIG

The purpose of the Reproductive Genetics SIG shall be to establish an organized presence of geneticists, genetic counsellors, and related professionals (reproductive endocrinologists, andrologists, embryologists, ethicists) within the CAFS.

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Imaging and Reproductive Surgery SIG

The mandate of the Imaging SIG is to promote awareness of the CFAS and to sponsor educational initiatives relating to the staggering advances in reproductive imaging over the past two decades.

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Nursing SIG

The Nursing SIG’s mission is to provide patient care based on collaboration, education and research.

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Scientists in Reproductive Endocrinology SIG

The goal of the SIG is to provide a forum for Canadian reproductive biologists to present the results of their work, to learn from basic science presentations at the Annual Meeting and at other CFAS sponsored events.

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