CFAS Compliance Seal Program

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The Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS) recognizes that clinics continue to evolve with regard to the manner in which they present IVF statistics to their patients. Some clinics report only national CARTR Plus aggregate data. Others have opted to remove statistics entirely from their website, recognizing that statistical averages may be misleading for individual patients. However, many continue to report their centre-specific data.

The CFAS would like to encourage clinics that report centre-specific data to adopt the CARTR Plus framework as outlined in the Position Statement.

To this end, the CFAS would like to invite those clinics that have adopted the CARTR Plus framework to apply for a CFAS Compliant affirmation that can be posted on your website with your data.


The CFAS Compliance Seal comes with the following statement:

Patients should be aware that it is very difficult to compare the results of one clinic with those of another since each has a unique patient population. Many other factors can affect treatment outcomes. Your estimated chance of success with treatment must be individualized to your particular situation and can only be provided once you have had a consultation with the clinic of your choice. 

The CFAS is a national non-profit multidisciplinary society dedicated to promoting excellence in the field of Assisted Reproduction to the benefit of Canadians and children born of this technology The Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS) certifies that the format in which this centre presents their IVF data complies with CFAS standards. In doing so, this IVF Centre demonstrates a commitment to clear and easily understood patient communication concerning treatment outcomes. These results cannot be used to compare one fertility provider with another since differences patient population and other factors are not considered. An individual’s chance of success cannot be determined from this information and can only be provided in consultation with a fertility expert.

Note that CFAS compliance refers to presentation of data only. The data itself has not been independently audited by the CFAS and remains proprietary to the clinic.


If you are interested in applying for this affirmation or would like more information, please contact the CFAS office at 514-300-1333.


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