Award of Excellence in Reproductive Medicine


The Award of Excellence in Reproductive Medicine is an honour reserved for members of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society for an outstanding contribution to and leadership in the field of Reproductive Medicine and Science. As well, the nominee should demonstrate tremendous dedication to advancing the field of Reproductive Medicine and Science in research, clinical activity, teaching and consulting activities by meeting the criteria listed below. This award is given annually if a nominee of sufficient merit is presented.

Eligibility Criteria

This is awarded to a nominee who has been a CFAS member in good standing for five (5) years and whose activities are consistent with aims, objectives and bylaws of the Society. Most of the nominee’s activities and body of work must have taken place in Canada.

Research and Clinical Activities

  1. Recognized as an innovator and scholar by peers – this should be proven by other scientific awards and invitations to participate in scholarly activities, such as symposia or workshops.
  2. Applied experimental and clinical results to the benefit of society.
  3. Shared research and clinical experience willingly with other members of the medical and scientific community through various activities, such as offering expert advice, demonstrating new techniques, etc.
  4. Conveyed his/her original research and clinical results lucidly and in a timely manner to his/her peers via journals and scientific meetings.

Administration and Leadership

  1. Provided service to the field, such as organization of meetings, participation in international, national or provincial public advisory groups, and communication with lay support groups, public relations and related activities.
  2. Participated actively in professional societies and/or associations.
  3. Acted as editor or in another capacity (i.e. reviewer) in scholarly publications.
  4. Taught students of various levels and/or helped to develop and provide CME/CPD.

Nomination Process

There is a formal call for nominations every year to assist the Awards Committees with formulating their recommendations in time for presentation of the awards at the Annual Meeting.

  • The nominator and the seconder must be CFAS members in good standing and must provide the following:
    • A completed nomination form.
    • A brief summary, biography or résumé about the candidate.
    • Evidence of the candidate’s eligibility in the form of testimonials, evaluations, assessments, descriptive materials and/or other documents.
    • An up-to-date CV of the nominee.
    • Letters of support from colleagues and the public may be included.
  • If no nominations are received, the Awards Committee can make their own recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Selection Process

  • The Awards Committee is comprised of four (4) Board members: the Vice-President of the Board, the Past-President and 2 Board members. 
  • The committee meets (by teleconference) no later than July 15th of the given year to review the nominations or propose a nomination and makes their recommendation.
  • The Chair of the Awards Committee submits the recommendation to the Board of Directors, whose decision must be unanimous in order for the award to be given. The decision of the Board is final, and the Board reserves the right to grant no award in a given year if no nominees of sufficient merit are presented.
  • The President of the Society informs the recipient(s) of their selection.