Terms of Reference

The Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society’s mission is to promote the study of, education about and research on fertility, sterility and andrology, respond to social needs in regard to the complexities of human reproduction, provide expertise in the accreditation of clinical and laboratory therapeutics in new reproductive technologies, and establish valid processes for the measurement of outcomes of therapy.

Within the CFAS, members in administrative posts (“administrative staff”), working in close collaboration with their clinical, scientific and nurse counterparts, have recognized the potential benefits of working together to foster these goals. The terms of reference that the ASIG have established are:

1.1 To promote and foster the goals of the CFAS
1.2 To encourage administrative membership in the CFAS
1.3 To provide a forum for networking and exchange of information
1.4 To promote continuing education and professional development
1.5 To promote collaboration with other CFAS special interest groups
1.6 To develop standards of practice for administrative processes within the ART forum


All senior administrators, managers, supervisors and financial support staff (e.g. accountants, bookkeepers) who are financial members of CFAS will be automatically granted membership in the ASIG.

2.1 Members shall be eligible to vote as described in Article Four.

2.2 Members shall receive all questionnaires, newsletters or other ASIG publications as well as have access to all ASIG continuing professional development and educational activities.

2.3 Active members shall have access to the ASIG forum on the CFAS website.


3.1 Any ASIG fees and dues shall be reviewed and determined at the ASIG annual general meeting.

3.2 If ASIG membership fees or dues are charged, members in arrears may be reinstated to good standing with the ASIG upon the payment of the current year’s annual dues.

3.3 If ASIG membership fees or dues are charged, the CFAS Central Office will bill and collect membership dues when appropriate.

3.4 The CFAS shall maintain all financial records for the ASIG.

3.5 The CFAS will assume the cost of necessary basic office services, printing and postage for periodic newsletters.

3.6 The CFAS will provide a financial statement pertaining to the ASIG’s activities to the ASIG Executive Committee once per year.

3.7 The CFAS shall assume financial responsibility for all courses or continuing education activities. The ASIG will not share any profits or losses from these activities.

3.8 No additional operating funds are provided by the CFAS, other than those stated above, except as defined under #3.9 (below).by prior written approval of proposals from the ASIG made to the CFAS Board of Directors.

3.9 Requests for additional funding require specific negotiation with the CFAS Executive Director and approval by the CFAS Board of Directors. All such requests shall be made in writing at reasonable notice, as may be determined by the CFAS Executive.

3.10 The CFAS Industry Liaison Committee must be utilized to raise money from industry. The ASIG must not attempt to raise funds from industry by independent solicitation.


4.1 At any meeting of members of the ASIG, every member shall be entitled to vote in person or by written proxy provided to another member in attendance.

4.2 A quorum of eight (8) members, including a majority of the ASIG Executive Committee is required to conduct the affairs of the ASIG.

4.3 All motions shall require a 2/3 (two thirds) majority vote of the members present plus proxies to pass.

4.4 Any motion declared lost shall not be reintroduced at the same meeting.

4.5 Election of the ASIG Executive Committee shall be held at the ASIG’s Annual General Meeting. Election of the Executive Committee members may also be conducted by mail in such manner as the Executive Committee shall determine (i.e. secret ballot).


The ASIG Executive Committee shall consist of Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary/Treasurer and various sub-committee chairs as required.

5.1 ASIG Chair – Powers and Duties:

a) Serves for a three (3) year term;

b) Shall supervisor and control all administrative and business affairs of the group;

c) Acts as the primary liaison with the CFAS President, Board of Directors and Executive Director;

d) Meets with CFAS President and staff at the Society’s annual meeting to inform them of the ASIG’s activities, future plans and other areas of interest;

e) Provides an annual report due at the end of August to the CFAS Executive Director, summarizing the activities of the preceding year and stating the ASIG’s plans for the upcoming year;

f) On behalf of the ASIG Professional Development Sub-committee, the Chair will submit requests for continuing professional development/education courses to the CFAS Executive;

g) Provides a list of nominees to serve on CFAS committees, as requested by the CFAS President; and

h) Receives a financial statement once per year from the CFAS Executive Director, as well as quarterly financial reports regarding ASIG membership dues (if charged).

5.2 ASIG Co-Chair – Powers and Duties:

a) Serves for a three year term;

b) Assumes the duties of the Chair in her/his absence;

c) Acts as an ex-officio member for all ASIG sub-committees;

d) Oversees and assists other executive members;

e) Assists the Chair in preparing the ASIG annual report for the CFAS Executive;

f) On behalf of the ASIG Professional Development Sub-committee, the Co-Chair will coordinate suggestions for subjects and faculty for seminars and workshops for the Society’s annual meeting to the Chair of the Programme Committee for that meeting.

5.3 ASIG Secretary-Treasurer – Powers and Duties:

a) Records and documents the minutes of the annual general meeting and other interim meetings of the ASIG;

b) Retains copies of all meeting minutes for ASIG records and forwards a copy to the CFAS Executive Director;

c) Circulates minutes of ASIG meetings to the ASIG membership;

d) Works with th CFAS Central Office to maintain a current membership list for the ASIG;

e) Assists the Co-Chair by providing any financial information required for the annual report;

f) Assists the Chair in working with the CFAS Industry Liaison Committee to access industry funds as required for the ASIG’s activities; and

g) Maintains a record of financial reports for ASIG activities, as received by the Chair from the CFAS Executive Director.

5.4 Other Executive Committee Members:

See Article 6 for a list of ASIG Sub-committees and their functions.

a) Chair of the ASIG Bylaws, Standards, Membership Sub-committee;

b) Chair of the ASIG Professional Development Sub-committee; and

c) Chair of the ASIG Communications/Website Sub-committee


The following sub-committees will be formed upon the creation of the ASIG. Additional sub-committees may be formed a the discretion of the ASIG Executive Committee as the need arises.

N.B. There is no ASIG Research/Abstract Sub-committee since all abstracts submitted for CFAS Annual Meetings go through the same review process (which is the responsibility of the CFAS Secretary-Treasurer) as all other abstracts. However, if any prizes are created for presentations made by ASIG members then an Awards Sub-committee might be needed.

6.1 Bylaws, Standards and Membership Sub-committee mandate:

a) Members hold a two (2) year term with the option to continue for one (1) additional two (2) year term;

b) The sub-committee can recommend any changes or amendments to the ASIG’s Terms of Reference or Bylaws that might be considered advisable;

c) Suggestions for changes to the ASIG’s Terms of Reference or Bylaws must be passed by a two-thirds majority vote by ASIG members;

d) Draft standards for ART administrative protocols and procedures to be reviewed by ASIG members;

e) Working with the CFA Central Office, maintains a current list of members including name, address and date of membership;

f) Updates the ASIG membership list annually from CFAS current membership information; and

g) The Sub-committee chair will provide an annual written report to be submitted to the ASIG Chair for inclusion in the ASIG Annual Report to the CFAS Board of Directors.

6.2 Professional Development Sub-committee mandate:

a) Undertakes regular Needs Assessments of ASIG members;

b) Proposes subject matter and faculty to the Chair for the ASIG concurrent session at the CFAS Annual Meeting, as well as for other educational events; and

c) The Sub-committee chair will provide an annual written report to be submitted to the ASIG Chair for inclusion in the ASIG Annual Report the CFAS Board of Directors.

6.3 Communication/Website Sub-committee mandate:

a) Works with the CFAS Communications Committee to develop and maintains the ASIG area on the CFAS website as a communication tool for ASIG members; and

b) Development of an ASIG newsletter.


7.1 Any vacancies in the ASIG Executive Committee shall be filled by the appointment of the executive. Such appointments shall be for the remainder of that term of office.

7.2 Members resigning from an Executive Committee position shall provide a written report fo the Chair on the current status of their position within one calendar month of resigning.

7.3 The ASIG annual general meeting will be held at the CFAS Annual Meeting.

7.4 All ASIG members must be notified of a motion to dismantle the ASIG. A motion to dismantle must be passed at the ASIG annual general meeting.

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