ART Lab Exam Information

2021 Virtual ART Lab Exam: April 24th, 2021

DISCLAIMER: CFAS is NOT a certifying or regulatory body. This CFAS program aims to develop standards that all ART Laboratory Professionals should conform to, and to verify individuals are up to those standards.

You MUST be a CFAS Member to take the ART Lab Exam.

A passing grade on the ART Lab Exam and an approved logbook/case study submission is required in order to receive your certificate of completion.

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Sharpen your pencils and start studying!

This year, the ART Laboratory exam will be held virtually. The exam will be available in French and English.
You must be a CFAS member to take the exam.
Deadline to register: April 1st, 2021
About the Exam: The exam was developed in collaboration with Touchstone Institute - an organization that specializes in exam preparation and that facilitates entry to training or practice for internationally educated health care professionals (IEHPs) through competency assessment and education.  
The exam will be composed of multiple-choice questions and will contain separate sections for Andrologists and Embryologists.  Three hours will be allotted for the exam.  
Exam Preparation: Below is a list of materials to help you prepare for the exam.
Who should take the Exam:  Any andrologist or embryologist who has not yet passed the exam is encouraged to take the exam. In order to obtain their certificate, members need to successfully pass the exam and submit a completed version of their log book found on within the CFAS Member Portal (coming soon). A member will be issued a certificate only upon successful completion of the exam and log book. Candidates are able to write the exam without having completed the log book, but will not receive their certificate until the log book is successfully submitted and approved by CFAS.

Details of the Exam:

Date: Saturday, April 24th, 2021
Time: 11:00 (EST)
Location: Online
Eligibility: Only CFAS members are permitted to take the exam. 
Exam Fee: $300 + sales tax of the province you are writing your exam in (to be paid by cheque or credit card through the CFAS member portal)
Post Exam Results Communication: Results of the exams will be communicated by CFAS to the examinees. Please allow time for the committee to approve the results.

Important Notice Regarding CPD Credits and Maintaining the CFAS ART Laboratory Professional Certification:

  • In order to maintain their certification, certified professionals must complete a minimum of 24 Continuing Professional Development credits each two-year period.
  • The CFAS reporting terms end on odd years; for example 2017-2019 is a 2-year reporting term and the next 2-year term will be 2020-2021.
  • Please note, anyone certified in the 2nd year of a reporting period (e.g. someone certified in 2019) will not be required to complete 24 credits in less than one year. For individuals certified in the second year of a reporting period (e.g. 2019, 2021), their first reporting period will start the following year and 24 credits must be acquired in the following 2-year term.  For example, if an individual is certified in March, 2019, their first reporting period would be the 2020-2021 term. For those certified in the first year of a reporting period (e.g. certified in 2018 when the period is 2018-2019), 24 credits must be achieved in the 2-year period since they have adequate time.

Please note that the CFAS strongly encourages individuals considering completing their certification to start participating in CPD activities before certification. You may submit any CPD credits acquired within the reporting period, independent of whether you were officially certified or not at the time of completion of the credits. Please be reminded, to maintain your certified status, you must submit sufficient credits every reporting term.