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Requirements to enter ART – Embryology & Andrology field

1. What are the minimum educational and training qualifications to work in the field of Human Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in Canada?

There are currently no minimum educational requirements to work in ART in Canada.

2. How do I get a job in ART in Canada?

ART clinics currently recruit and hire staff based on their own particular requirements. Some train newly hired laboratory staff. Others seek individuals with recognized training and experience. If you are a member of the CFAS, you can access job postings on the CFAS site.

3. Is there a recognized program in Canada to train in Assisted Reproductive technology?

A Masters in Embryology program will be available in Canada as of September 2020.

Various international programs exist such as the Masters in Clinical Embryology at Leeds University UK, the Masters of Clinical Embryology at the University of Oxford UK, the Masters in Clinical Embryology and Andrology at the Eastern Virginia Medical School USA, and the Master of Clinical Embryology at Monash University Australia.

4. Is there some form of mandatory certification?

There is currently no mandatory certification in Canada. The CFAS has a certification program for ART professionals and this program is highly recommended. More information can be found here (you must be logged in to access).

5. What is involved in the CFAS certification process?

You must be a member of the CFAS and maintain that membership status in good standing. You must be working in an ART lab. Certification for ART Laboratory Professionals involves two levels of assessment: a logbook documenting competent completion of a defined range of laboratory techniques; and an evaluation of academic knowledge associated with Embryology and Andrology assessed through a written examination. The Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS) endorses the Certification program for ART lab professionals and the minimum qualifications for that certification include a registered medical laboratory technology diploma and/or an earned BSc in biological sciences. The certification program does not guarantee employment nor is it required for employment.

6. I was certified as an embryologist outside of Canada. Is my certification recognized in Canada?

We do not have reciprocity with other associations or certification processes, thus the CFAS certification program for ART lab professionals will still require successful completion of the logbook and written examination. Neither CFAS nor international certification is currently required to work in a Canadian ART laboratory.