Leadership and Management SIG

The Leadership and Management Special Interest Group became a formal part of the CFAS in September 2006. All IVF clinics and offices deal with business and administrative issues daily. The people hired to oversee these issues are skilled and knowledgeable in their respective fields whether it is accounting, human resources or clinic operations. The goals of the Leadership and Management SIG are to:

  • Develop a solid network of business/administrative personnel through membership.
  • Develop a business orientated “Needs Assessment” specific to our needs and interests.
  • Develop educational “Long Distance Learning” opportunities relating to business and operational aspects.
  • Develop good business standards for Canadian IVF programs.

We welcome anyone to our SIG and would love to have you join us, meet us and talk with us!


Penny Blesch - Chair

As the COO of Olive FerLM_SIG/Pennytility Centre, Penny is responsible for the operations of a complex system of processes, people and resources and countless daily decisions that impact patient centred care. Penny ensures that all of the systems, resources, and people are in place to achieve Olive’s goals. Penny’s dynamic background, blending HR, leadership and business has created an environment where employees are more likely to feel motivated, empowered and supported – and to perform exceptionally well in a constantly evolving and challenging environment and create workplace cultures that positively impact patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Penny has served on boards throughout her career: as the Board Liaison of Out on Screen, an executive board position, which maintains formal connection between the Board of Directors and staff members including the executive director. In addition, Penny served as a board member at Women in Leadership, a foundation dedicated to advancing women in leadership and empowering the next generation.

Vice Chair - TBA

Secretary - TBA

Treasurer - TBA