Leadership and Management SIG

The Leadership and Management Special Interest Group became a formal part of the CFAS in September 2006. All IVF clinics and offices deal with business and administrative issues daily. The people hired to oversee these issues are skilled and knowledgeable in their respective fields whether it is accounting, human resources or clinic operations. The goals of the Leadership and Management SIG are to:

  • Develop a solid network of business/administrative personnel through membership.
  • Develop a business orientated “Needs Assessment” specific to our needs and interests.
  • Develop educational “Long Distance Learning” opportunities relating to business and operational aspects.
  • Develop good business standards for Canadian IVF programs.

We welcome anyone to our SIG and would love to have you join us, meet us and talk with us!

For more information please contact:

Deborah Myers
Leadership and Management SIG Chair

Deborah Myers, M.Mgt, CCPE - Chair

Deborah is the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for TRIO Fertility in Toronto, Ontario Canada – she leads Human Resources, Communications, Administration Operations, Payroll Management, Quality Assurance Risk Management and Patient/Client Services. Prior to joining TRIO Deborah held senior management roles in executive healthcare, pharmaceuticals and international new business development.Her dossier outlines 30 + years of national and international experience with medical facilities, new business development and operations. Deborah_Myers.jpg

With strong core competencies such as change management, coaching and mentoring, her leadership affected rapid change and transition during a recent and successful M/A. With careful integration, the merging of two cultures, processes, human capital were executed with the recognition of required and met milestones. Her functionality and accountability ensured the output to compensate, communicate, care and cull.

With in-depth knowledge of improving healthcare portfolio projects her experiences includes change management, new market identification and strategic positioning. Appointed TRIO Project Lead, was awarded an impressive pass by Accreditation Canada with an “Accredited with Commendation” for the four sets of standards, Governance, Leadership, Infection Prevention & Control and Medication Management.

Asked to share her experiences, she receives invitations as a guest speaker to International Medical Conferences, International Universities such as McGill and the Schulich School of Business on the subject of patient relationship management, change management and clinical operations leadership.

Deborah’s credentials are enhanced with a Master of Management from McGill University specializing in International Healthcare. She is Chairperson for the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS), the Leadership and Management division for the third year, following three years as Treasurer for the ASIG division. Deborah has an innovative mindset along with a flair that takes healthcare out-of-the-box. With a strong appreciation for advance education and ensuring a step ahead, Deborah’s next focus is her Doctorate in Management. She has a strong influence on facilitating change, collaborating, transformation and people engagement. Results-oriented with a commitment to corporate development, social responsibility and patient excellence.

Kyle Macdonald - Vice Chair


Kyle Macdonald has been ReproMed’s Business Development Manager and Clinic Administrator for the past 9 years.  In addition to managing a busy IVF centre in Toronto, he works closely with the ReproMed Sperm Bank in helping patients and clinics across the country in the sourcing of donor sperm.  Major projects he has worked on include a procurement agreement with the Quebec government in supplying donor sperm to all patients in the province and helping roll out funded IVF services to patients in Ontario under the government’s fertility program.  Having worked with such organizations as AT&T and Dell in the past, he brings a wealth of knowledge in the areas of communications, logistics, and business development.

Julie Keizer - Secretary


Julie Keizer has been the Chief Operating Officer of Atlantic Assisted Reproductive Therapies since October 2016.  In her role, Julie brings a great deal of diverse leadership experience from the public and private sectors.

Over the six years prior to her current role, Julie held progressive leadership roles with the Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries & Casino Corporation (NSPLCC) providing operational leadership to the Atlantic Lottery Corporation and Casino Nova Scotia. Prior to that, Julie spent ten years working with several of the largest oil companies in the world, Imperial Oil (ExxonMobil) and Suncor (Petro-Canada), in leadership roles in operations, contract management, marketing, project management and strategy.

She is honoured to be part of the CFAS Leadership and Management Special Interest Group and hopes to provide valuable contributions to the SIG and its members.

Simone Amir - Treasurer

Simone Headshot

Simone Amir is a fertility consultant with over 12 years of experience within the international fertility field. She currently works with ELITE IVF, a leading global egg donation and surrogacy agency, as a Director of Special Projects and was formerly the Clinic Manager of Procrea Fertility Centre in Toronto. Recently, she authored a chapter in the book, Empowering Women to Succeed.

In addition to her extensive work in the fertility field, Simone is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Certified Labour Doula and women’s workshop leader with a decade of experience in various modules of holistic therapies. She is dedicated to helping patients achieve their goals through advanced and comprehensive care solutions.