Administrative SIG

The Administrative Special Interest Group became a formal part of the CFAS in September 2006. All IVF clinics and doctor’s offices deal with business and administrative issues daily. The people hired to oversee these issues are skilled and knowledgeable in their respective fields whether it is accounting, human resources or clinic operations. The goals of the ASIG are to:

  • Develop a solid network of business/administrative personnel through membership.
  • Develop a business orientated “Needs Assessment” specific to our needs and interests.
  • Develop educational “Long Distance Learning” opportunities relating to business and operational aspects.
  • Develop good business standards for Canadian IVF programs.

We welcome anyone to our SIG and would love to have you join us, meet us and talk with us!

For more information please contact:

Deborah Myers
Administrative SIG Chair

Not a member? Join today!