Imaging SIG

Imaging plays a vital role in the investigation and treatment of patients seeking assistance with fertility. The CFAS established a “special interest group” (SIG) to address issues related to reproductive imaging and the ever-increasing role that imaging plays in the fields of fertility and andrology.

The establishment of an Imaging SIG created additional awareness of the CFAS among a sector of the healthcare community that has heretofore not been involved in the organization. Many reproductive imaging practitioners benefit from participation in the CFAS and from deliberations with colleagues in related fields of endeavour.

The mandate of the Imaging SIG is to promote awareness of the CFAS and to sponsor educational initiatives relating to the staggering advances in reproductive imaging over the past two decades. Educational instruction is usually effected through clinical lectures at CFAS annual meetings and through poster sessions. In the future, this lecture format will be supplemented with presentations on both clinical and laboratory research matters.

Response to the establishment of the Imaging SIG was overwhelming. Attendance at the scheduled lectures was substantially greater than had been anticipated. Also, audience participation at these events and at the poster sessions displayed both a level of interest and knowledge that was unexpected.

We have been fortunate to have had national and international experts participate in our educational activities. Attendees at the SIG meetings have been treated to lively discussions concerning many commonly seen, controversial and/or complicated cases involving reproductive imaging. Lectures on the latest trends in reproductive imaging have been highlighted, as well as practical “how to” talks on various topics. We have also encouraged open discussions on the future trends in ultrasound.

Topics that have been discussed have been varied and controversial. We have discussed included follicular monitoring, 3D ultrasound, sonohysterography, tubal patency analysis, PCOS, adenomyosis, first trimester ultrasound, fibroids, abnormal bleeding and ovarian reserves.

Canada is already at the forefront in reproductive imaging research. With so many fertility patients being investigated and treated in Canada, it was appropriate that the great number of research posters presented at CFAS conferences have highlighted the prominence of “Made in Canada” clinical research. We should congratulate those who participate in reproductive imaging research. Thanks also to those who viewed the posters and have learned from them.

Interest was shown by many clinicians, researchers and technologists to participate in the Imaging SIG. We will be organizing a recruiting drive to increase both membership and prominence of the Imaging SIG. Plans are already underway to further promote the group’s presence at the CFAS. It is our intention to attract additional sponsors and attract more world-class speakers.

Alex Hartman, MD
Imaging SIG Chair
7330 Yonge Street, Suite 120
Thornhill, Ontario L4J 7Y7