CFAS 68th Annual Meeting Invitation

September 22nd-24th, 2022 - Halifax, Nova Scotia


CFAS President's Invitation


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am truly honoured to serve as the President of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS) for this upcoming year. I am excited to work with the many dedicated individuals, from a multi-disciplinary range of professions, who are involved in the Society.
It was wonderful to see so many of you at the recent annual meeting in Vancouver; the hybrid meeting was a new challenge for the CFAS and was very successful. As you might expect, as soon as one meeting concludes, the Society starts working towards the next.
I am very much looking forward to working with the Scientific Planning Committee on developing the program for our next annual meeting, which will be held in Halifax, on September 22nd - 24th, 2022. The theme of this meeting will be, ‘Back to the Future: Where We Have Come from and Where We Could Go’. We will be looking to the current state of technologies and treatments; specifically, where the exciting, and current research, along with developments in technology and knowledge, could take us in the near and more distant future.
Naturally, as time passes within the parameters of the current pandemic, we will continue to monitor the options for meetings, but we hope to have an annual meeting in 2022 that will be much more familiar to us. However, in terms of providing educational material, still benefiting from everything that we have learnt over the last 18 months.
Speaking of educational material, this is one of the most important mandates of the society and we plan to continue providing scientifically relevant, as well as practical, education programs throughout the year; additionally, look out for announcements from the office about upcoming webinars. This year, we also plan to continue assessing the governance needs of the society, with the intent of ensuring that we operate in the most effective and best interest of all the membership. We will continue to work on Clinical Practice Guidelines and develop our successful competency and certification programs; simultaneously, aspiring to incorporate other professions into the latter.
I will continue to keep you informed of the society’s activities during the year. Please do not hesitate to provide feedback to the office or myself about any aspect of the society.
I hope to see many of you in Halifax next year and until then, looking forward to connecting with you at our webinars or while attending a local meeting.
Best wishes,
Simon Phillips, PhD, FRSB
President, Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society