CFAS Webinar: Counselling SIG - Beyond PGT: Genetic Screening for Intended Parents, Donors, and Gestational Carriers Before and During Pregnancy

January 25th, 2023 from 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST on Zoom Webinar

Rapid technological advances have kept PGT at the forefront of discussions involving reproductive genetics for the last few years. This webinar aims to take us beyond PGT to explain other intricacies in genetic counselling and screening in third party reproduction. We will review Health Canada’s genetic screening requirements for gamete donors, discuss genetic tests available before and during pregnancy, and review how genetic counsellors can help and when a referral for genetic counselling may be warranted. Brought to you by the Counselling SIG, this webinar aims to be inclusive and extensive prior knowledge of reproductive genetics is not required.

Meaghan Doyle, MS, CGC, is a Certified Genetic Counselor and Founder of DNAide Genetic Counselling. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Genetics and Psychology from the University of Toronto and her Master of Science in Genetic Counseling from Arcadia University. After starting the genetic counselling program at Markham Fertility Centre she recognized how few clinics had genetic counsellors on staff to support their patients. She founded DNAide Genetic Counselling to help make access to fertility genetic counsellors more accessible to patients and clinicians Internationally. Meaghan has expertise in Preimplantation Genetic Testing, mosaicism in embryos, and Health Canada’s Safety of Sperm and Ova Regulations. She is passionate about helping fertility patients by providing them with evidence-based information and ensuring that they are fully supported to make decisions that will be best for them and their families.

The learning objectives for this webinar are:

  1. To learn more about the requirements for the genetic screening of donors, intended parents, and gestational carriers under Health Canada’s Safety of Sperm and Ova Regulations
  2. To learn more about what genetic tests are available to donors and intended parents before pregnancy
  3. To learn more about what genetic tests are available during pregnancy
  4. To learn more about how to explain genetic counselling to patients and when a referral for genetic counselling may be indicated

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